2014 Midterms: Your Reactions…

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99 Responses to “2014 Midterms: Your Reactions…”

  1. savefarris Says:

    Nearly 2 and a half hours in and the Golden Boy has yet to make an appearance on MSNBC. Did Mr. Farrow have a prior engagement?

  2. savefarris Says:

    Matthews picks up on Brokaw’s theme:

    “Hey Republicans, now that you’ve won, what will you compromise on?”

  3. savefarris Says:

    Tom Brokaw and I have the same ringtone!

  4. Brokaw continuing to go full MSNBC. Proving what all of us said for years.

  5. savefarris Says:

    Wendy Davis’s ultimate legacy: sucking up Democratic resources that could have gone to governor’s races in Florida, Wisconsin, Massachusetts,…

  6. And maybe lesson learned: MSM should stay the hell out of the Texas governors race. Although, I guess I should be happy they made her the nominee.

  7. she’s currently losing 82 – 17 in my county.

  8. savefarris Says:

    MSNBC seems to have officially moved from Stage 3 (Brokaw’s bargaining) to Stage 4 (post-partum depression).

  9. savefarris Says:

    MSNBC: Your home for recriminations

  10. savefarris Says:

    MSNBC’s Scott Walker call: I can’t tell if the off-camera groans were coming from Matthews or Ed 3000 miles away.

  11. savefarris Says:

    The Scott Walker call has apparently broken Ed because he’s in full filibuster mode.

  12. savefarris Says:

    Smirky McSmirkleton just chided the Scott Brown camp for not giving up despite everyone (“Even FOX!”) having called the race for Shaheen.

    You know what that means … #MeetthenewSenatorSameastheoldSenator(fromMA)

  13. Apparently CNBC has given up … no election coverage when other business channels are ,

  14. Matthews might cry. Sounds defeated.

  15. savefarris Says:

    Chris Matthews announcing the IL GOV results as if someone has stabbed him in the chest.

  16. savefarris Says:

    Shellacking 2.0

  17. Whoop! Whoop! Scott Walker wins!

    This Wisconsinite is one happy camper!

  18. Madow has officially lost it. She’s such a nut. She should watch tape of decade ago Maddow when she was sane.

  19. savefarris Says:

    Yeah, she did slip back into anger during the last break.

  20. Seemed as thought MS had taken its medicine early, and decided that it was lost. Guess not.

  21. I feel bad for Chuck Todd. I can’t believe NBC makes him sit there with her. And, I don’t know if it’s just because they’re friends or he forgets that other people (not hard lefties) actually check MSNBC but he looks silly sitting there with her craziness. He’s sinking over at MTP and they put him there to alienate even more people with guilt by association.

  22. ^ although I suppose he could just man up and call her out on her crazy.

  23. savefarris Says:

    According to MSNBC, if Republicans don’t pass immigration reform, they’ll never win in 2014.

  24. Hey look, I finally found the voter fraud Fox is always whining about!


  25. CNN’s coverage was terrible. Every half hour or so, they’d run a three minute “promo” previewing the upcoming election results which sounded like a movie trailer — complete with Hans Zimmer music in the background. Then, they’d spend five minutes discussing those upcoming results with some horrendous music in the background running constantly. I felt like I was watching an old Daytona 500 pre-race show.

    MSNBC never really went in to rage mode, but when Maryland went to Hogan, they entered a stage of depression that they never got out of. Honestly, that was symbolic of the Democrats as a whole. The Maryland flip was huge.

    Al Jazeera America’s election coverage was different. No fancy graphics, no fancy sets and a lot of in-depth reports from “battleground” states about the issues and how the people in those states have been affected by public policy.

  26. Eight Republican pickups, with a couple more left to go, I laughed at people who suggested that outcome,

  27. savefarris Says:

    Man, I wish I could have stayed up to watch MSNBC’s reaction to this:


  28. My notes on the election coverage.

    I found the Maddow/Matthews co-host combination worked well for me; a nice mix of new and old school talents. Matthews was pretty restrained – for him – and Maddow did fine job as a ringmaster.

    The guest pundits were mostly MSNBC regulars but a couple of them stood out IMO. Steve Kornacki was excellent on the video telestrator and I would have liked to have seen more of his mostly spot on analysis. On the desks Steve Schmidt, Robert Gibbs and Kasie Hunt; promoted to the desk from the field; were very good.

    It was interesting that many of the remote reporters were replaced with MSNBC hosts. It mostly worked well although there were a couple of odd assignments; Ed Schultz in Florida instead of Wisconsin and MHP in NC instead of Louisiana.

    The reduced rolls of Sharpton, Hayes and Schultz was good to see. I don’t remember seeing dayside hosts Farrow, Reid, or Hall at all; but I may have just missed them. Diaz-Balart made an appearance but was probably hosting Telemundo coverage. I also would have liked to have heard a bit more of LOD’s expertise on how the new Senate will work.

    On the races themselves the big takeaways for me were that the Ted Cruz caucus is a lot bigger and voter suppression really works.

    I only watched MSNBC so have no comments on the other networks.

  29. “CNN’s coverage was terrible. Every half hour or so, they’d run a three minute “promo” previewing the upcoming election results which sounded like a movie trailer”

    First I heard it was on the way home last night on Satellite radio. It was really strange with no pictures to go with it. Wasn’t sure what I was hearing at first.

    “voter suppression really works”

    Oh, good Gawd.

  30. savefarris Says:

    ** Maddow/Matthews did work better than Olbermann and the Gang of 500 back in 2010, but I think what made the biggest difference were two things:

    A. They weren’t nearly as blindsided with the results as they were back in 2010. Which led to people being on better behavior as they had time to come to terms.

    B. Chuck Todd’s presence (in 2010, he was on Kornacki magic-board duty in a separate studio). Chuck early on quite forcefully shut down Matthews “Whadda ya mean the economy’s not gangbusters?” line of inquiry and was generally the adult in the room.

    *Kornacki was okay, but MSNBC’s magic-board setup didn’t help what he was trying to explain. He was trying to compare county returns in 2014 vs. 10/12 and the board wasn’t really set up to do that.

    * Reid (and I think Hall) appeared once or twice early to highlight exit poll results, but were otherwise shuffled off when real returns started coming in.

    * It’s probably for the best that Schultz was in FL instead of WI. He was too personally invested in that race.

    * A Scarborough-free night is always a good one.

  31. Polling simply doesn’t work anymore. People are either not answering the phone, or lying when they do.

  32. Anyone else think that the well respected but rather taciturn and wooden Bret Baier is not the best fit for anchoring election returns?

    No doubt he’s a very nice guy, but he always strikes me as out of place in a role that requires a dynamic personality and the gift of gab like a Shep Smith or a John Roberts.

    Is he too reserved for this assignment?

  33. savefarris Says:

    Points off to MSNBC’s Kornacki because his big “What to Watch For” the past week was “a historic number of incumbent governors going down”. Currently, only 2 (IL,PA) fit the criteria.

  34. My latest blog post I haven’t been blogging for awhile but after last night I felt inspired Democrat’s caught in Midterm Riptide, Happy Independent’s Day America http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/2014/11/democrats-caught-in-midterm-riptide.html

  35. I’m not buying the “voter suppression” spin or any of that other DNC spin. Maryland is a hardcore liberal state and they voted in a Republican Governor last night in a total referendum of the Democratic Party’s current policies. In my opinion, Maryland was the biggest story of the night.

    I’ve been saying for years that America is still an ultraconservative country and last night proved it.

  36. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/rangel-to-cnn-southern-gop-still-believes-in-slavery-wins-through-racism/

    This was a factor in the Dems loss. Normal people tire of hearing their friends and family described as woman hating racists simply because they believe in limited government.

    Another lesson learned from last night: some women care more about actual issues than receiving free birth control.

  37. I saw that. Wolf brought up Rangel’s prior statement, and challenged him when he doubled-down. It was a nice change.

  38. savefarris Says:

    “Roads and Bridges”, “Affordable College”, “Minimum Wage”

    Nothing’s changed, folks.

  39. savefarris Says:

    Has anyone heard from Debbie W.S. in the past 24 hours? I’m beginning to worry about her.

  40. Following the questions on twitter and I can just hear Maddow’s head exploding.

  41. savefarris Says:

    According to Chris Hayes on Monday Night, abortion rights and minority voting privileges were on the ballot.

    So, those are both now officially abolished, right? WHAT’S TAKING SO LONG?!?

  42. CNBC on where I’m working today. Katrina Vanden Hevel on. So glad I can’t hear it. And, why is she on CNBC anyway?

  43. Gesundheit.

  44. Someone searched for my comments from two years ago to prove I’m right about polling? Thanks for the backup, but that’s weird.

  45. savefarris Says:

    A newly elected senator gives advice to the President on how to deal with midterm shellackings

  46. I’ve been saying for years that America is still an ultraconservative country and last night proved it.

    No, America might be a centre-right leaning country but relatively few voters are ultra-anything. I think you’re right about this election being a referendum of the Democratic Party’s current policies, but much of that has to be because the people who vote in mid-terms are more likely to be the ones who pay attention.

    In Michigan, the easiest and fastest way to vote is by party line at the top of the ballot – you can be in and out of the booth inside of 45 seconds. But the results show that a whole lot of Ds and quite a few Rs had to have chosen to vote the long form and split their votes, proving it wasn’t entirely an anti-Dem sentiment.

  47. Polling simply doesn’t work anymore. People are either not answering the phone, or lying when they do.

    Poller got my GF on the phone last week. She tried to convert the caller to the First Church of God and Amway. Cleanliness, Godliness, and Amway soap… I think the poller hung up.

  48. The stupidest post election comment (it’s not even close) is NRCC chairman Greg Walden prediction that the Republicans may have built a “hundred year majority” in the house. That’s the kind of hubris that turns a big win into a big loss in a very short time.

  49. savefarris Says:

    48 hours later … “Hey, maybe gridlock isn’t such a bad thing after all!”


  50. savefarris Says:

    I’m glad Jodi Earnst won, but her cackle-filled acceptance speech is something I hope to never hear again.

  51. “Hey, maybe gridlock isn’t such a bad thing after all!”

    ^^The big question I’m interested in seeing answered is what McConnell and Republicans do about the filibuster.

    It looks like the odds of the Senate going back to the Dems in two years is about 50/50. Do they endure two years of Democratic filibusters to protect that option for when the Dems regain control or do they get rid of it and hope they hold unto the Senate in 2016?

    My guess is they will keep it and use it against the Dems the same way Democrats used it against the Repubs. The bonus in that strategy is that it gives them an excuse for not passing legislation and keeping the gridlock they really want.

  52. savefarris Says:

    My guess: they lead off with Keystone, Individual Mandate repeal, EPA Rollbacks and a few other issues that enjoy support among Dem Senators. McConnell will already have 60 and he won’t have to worry about a filibuster.

    Then, if Obama is dumb enough to veto popular bipartisan legislation, his approval rating will continue to crater, thus creating a situation where Senators who want to remain Senators past 2016 will start to jump ship and find ways to distance themselves from President Anchor (much like Republican Senators started supporting things like Minimum Wage, Stem Cells and SCHIP in 2007)

  53. “if Obama is dumb enough to veto popular bipartisan legislation,”

    ^^Like what?

    “My guess: they lead off with Keystone, Individual Mandate repeal, EPA Rollbacks and a few other issues that enjoy support among Dem Senators.”

    ^^ Except for Keystone there are more Republican Senators, up for election in 2016 in blue states, who will be opposed to Individual Mandate repeal and EPA Rollbacks, than Democratic Senators in favor of repeal and rollback.

  54. I’m not so sure CNBC should have been live. MSNBC was already doing election coverage so I had to problem with them not doing any coverage.

    I’d say the same of FBN. Was their coverage needed when FNC was already doing coverage?

  55. There was no reason for cable channels to have election coverage on sister business networks. Considering how little anyone cared to watch this stuff, there was little reason for it to be on broadcast networks, either. Fox seems pretty pleased with itself for getting better ratings than them, but it’s a hollow victory: Only politics junkies tuned in, and they stuck with cable.

  56. savefarris Says:

    I could ALMOST see a reason for business networks to do Presidential election coverage, previewing and analyzing the new POTUS-elect and how the business climate will be affected. But for midterms? I think I agree with ice & joe.

    … In other news, credit where credit’s due: it looks like the Democrats are showing at least a hint of fiscal sanity: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/11/democrats-ads-mary-landrieu-112647.html#.VFvJVgoMrls.twitter

    Oh, and I know the media’s had fun with Michael Grimm’s indictments, but the Democrats actually have a convicted felon still on the ballot in LA6: Edwin Edwards.

    Surely, the MSM isn’t so biased as to spend all their attention on someone’s whose been indicted versus someone who’s been indicted AND convicted AND served time…

  57. Funny thing is that I’ve heard about as much about Grimm as I have Edwards, which is very little. But anyway.

  58. Even MSNBC quickly got bored with Grimm’s legal troubles. Most of the attention is on the hilarious “I’ll break you in half. Like a boy” video.

  59. “Oh, and I know the media’s had fun with Michael Grimm’s indictments, but the Democrats actually have a convicted felon still on the ballot in LA6: Edwin Edwards.”

    ^^ Being a convicted felon doesn’t stop you from running for office. Ted Stevens is the best example of the phenomena. They rarely get elected.

  60. Convicted and time served is how the law is supposed to work. There’s no reason why someone can’t start over afterward..it’s the American way.

  61. savefarris Says:

    Ted Stevens wasn’t convicted at the time … And isn’t now either!!!

    I mean if you’re ok w/ a felon representing you, that’s certainly your right. But at least be able to admit it.

  62. I think I already made it clear. If you break the law and go to prison for it, that’s it. Time served, try again. This concept that a person must pay a price beyond their sentence is not American. You do your time and you’re done. Get outta jail and go to work.

  63. In most jurisdictions a felony conviction means you’ll never be able to own a firearm or work in/own a gun store, pawn shop, or bar, you can’t be a police officer or judge, and you’re ineligible for an appointed rank in the US military. For many felonies you’ll be ineligible for a DEA license so you can’t practice as a medical doctor, dentist, or veterinarian, and you can not be a postal worker as well as most other civil service jobs.

    All employers can legally discriminate based upon conviction record and many of these restrictions date back in America… almost forever.

  64. “The hell was Tucker Carlson thinking, going on Alex Jones?”

    ^^Your assuming Carlson actually thinks before he speaks.

  65. Cute, but that’s not a “mistake”. No one is unclear about who Alex Jones is. It’s not Rush Limbaugh, who’s made some number of offensive statements, but is still considered a legitimate conservative figure. This is someone who denied that Newtown happened, or whatever the hell that was about. Why in the world would Fox allow one of its employees to give him legitimacy?

  66. Apparently no one told the Seal that he had an exclusive with Fox News. Now we’re not even sure he’s the shooter.


  67. That any of the Navy Seals speak openly about what happened really rubs me the wrong way. If cornered on the subject I’d have expected a Seal to publicly respond something like, “Yeah, that’s what happened. One of us shot him.”

  68. ^ I think it’s extremely dangerous and stupid. This fellow isn’t just risking himself, but anyone related to him. For a book deal.

  69. ^ More than that. Anything they say might inadvertently reveal useful tidbits of methods of operation that a potential future adversary could exploit. Imagine how much more intimidating US special op forces would be if no details of the operation ever came out. Which is why someone from DOD reportedly marched into the office of the president’s National Security Adviser right after the White House released ST6 details to the press and told him to STFU.

  70. I remember how upset people at Fox got when the White House did that.

  71. People at Fox would get all bothered if the report was about POTUS forgetting to flush. People who get upset at everything the WH does are going to be right sometimes.

  72. If anyone wanted to convince people to give up their rights and freedoms, show a clip of Alex Jones.

  73. Immediately after the Bin Laden raid, the WH was running around telling everybody is was Seal Team 6. WH insiders leaked the information about how the raid actually took place. Two movies have been made about it. Now, we’re supposed to be upset that one of those actually involved is trying to set the record straight for history’s sake? And, possibly a payday?

    Yes, the blame first falls on the WH. And, not everything that ills the world is the fault of Fox News.

    None of this would be happening if the WH didn’t immediately (for the sake of politics) come out and tell the world exactly how it went down in order to make the POTUS look like a tough guy.

    Man, some of y’all’s priorities are out of whack. But, Fox News!

  74. http://www.mediaite.com/online/msnbcs-sharpton-invited-to-white-house-to-discuss-how-to-work-with-gop-no-really/

    When it comes to opinion hosts, I typically don’t care what they do. It was dumb when Olby was suspended by MSNBC for donating to Dem. I think it’s silly when people get up and arms about Hannity or Schultz hosting some partisan event.

    But… this is different. This is basically a case of a network giving a daily show to an official administration spokesman.

  75. savefarris Says:

    You thought Tuesday was the end of Wendy Davis? AWW, HELL NO!


  76. imnotblue Says:

    @ lone

    I think you’re right about the soldier and a possible pay day. After looking at the movies made and the political careers helped, he’s got to be looking at all of this and saying, “Where’s mine?!” And I can’t blame him! People get rich and successful off his heroism, while he’s expected to fade gracefully away. Sure, part of that comes with the job, but as long as he doesn’t reveal overly sensitive information, why shouldn’t he receive some deserved reward for his efforts?

    As for the Sharpton deal… if that’s the person they think best reflects strategies on how to compromise with Republicans, then all Americans -left and right- should be embarrassed and ashamed of this Administration.

  77. CNN definitely not happy with the Seal who claims he was the shooter. Not surprising. But, they should really direct their anger towards the WH. Or, at the very least, note that it was the WH who leaked the details, almost immediately, to make the POTUS look like a tough guy.

    I would like everyone to stay quiet. But, if the government is going to leak the details to the point that two movies get made, it’s hard for me to fault the guy who was actually there. The guy who was actually risking his life.

    I’ve had this discussion previously with my neighbor. He’s a Major in the Army. He feels stronger than me that these guys should keep quiet. But, is, like me, more pissed off at government officials.

  78. ^ Dems aren’t spending any money there, last I heard.

  79. When Attkisson did investigative reporting on Republican administrations there was hand clapping and backslapping all around. Now that huge shoe is on the other foot – not so much.

    That twit Hayes was in diapers and his mom was wiping his snotty nose when journalism was still good. Now, there are few people like Attkisson left. Remember other investigative journalists like Lisa Myers of NBC and Brian Ross of ABC? Now, Brian Ross is going on the air blaming tea party folks for things like shooting up movie theaters. Journalism sucks today’s and Hayes is a poster boy for how low they have sunk.

  80. Josh Jordan ‏@NumbersMuncher
    How bad was Rasmussen? This is how much they missed the GOP margin by in key races: GA -8 NC -3 NH -4 KY -7.5 AR -10 IA -7.5 CO +3.5 KS -15

    Josh Jordan ‏@NumbersMuncher
    How bad was PPP? This is how much they missed the GOP margin by in key races: GA -8 NC -4 NH +1 KY -7.5 AR -9 IA -5.5 CO +0.5 KS -12

    Josh Jordan ‏@NumbersMuncher
    How bad was SurveyUSA? This is how much they missed the GOP margin by in key races (fewer races polled): GA -5 NC -2 KY -10.5 CO -0.5 KS -9

    The skew is on the other foot.

  81. Josh Jordan ‏@NumbersMuncher
    How bad was NBC News/Marist? This is how much they missed the GOP margin by in key races: GA -4 NC -2 KY -6.5 AR -15 IA -5.5 CO -1.5 KS -12

    Josh Jordan ‏@NumbersMuncher
    How bad was CNN/ORC? This is how much they missed the GOP margin by in key races: GA -11 NC -4 NH -1 KY -12 AR -15 IA -6.5 CO +1.5 KS -10

    Couple more. Could all be indicative of a late wave, but it’s troublesome..at least for the chatterers.

  82. Holy smokes. I knew the polls were off. But had no idea it was as bad as your post conveys.

  83. Maddow playing the impeachment card. Says that’s what Republicans really want. But not just republicans. Who else? Fox news! Ding!

  84. imnotblue Says:

    @ Lynn

    At this point, who can blame them?

  85. “Maddow playing the impeachment card. Says that’s what Republicans really want. But not just republicans. Who else? Fox news!”

    ^^Well Megyn Kelly seems to want to troll many of her quests on the subject.

    You are right that most liberals would be only too happy to have Republicans fall into that trap over the next two years; but sadly their leadership is unlikely to be that stupid.

  86. ^ That’s the trick, Fritz: Fox trolls impeachment, MSNBC tells you Fox is trolling impeachment, Fox Fans whine that MSNBC noticed that Fox is trolling impeachment. Somehow this ends up being the fault of the people noticing, not the people doing. Brilliant!

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