Jeff Zucker (bleeps)…

The Hollywood Reporter’s Hilary Lewis writes about a recent Jeff Zucker appearance…

He ended his remarks at the lunch with a final defense of CNN.

“Sometimes CNN gets caught in the crosshairs because CNN is CNN. When you’re a huge, shiny object, people like to throw darts,” he said. “Frankly, I don’t give a shit. None of the people that do that stop to think about the incredible quality that is assembled by the people in this room. Take all the shots you want, but I think the quality of films on CNN Films is unassailable.”

I don’t think the quality of the shows was ever an issue…their propriety to CNN’s long standing hard news brand was/is. But I gotta say…it’s always refreshing to see a network news president cut loose on the record with the profanity. They swear like grade school children at work…why hide it from the public?


2 Responses to “Jeff Zucker (bleeps)…”

  1. “I think the quality of films on CNN Films is unassailable.”

    ^^The problem isn’t the quality of CNN films and reality programing. I agree most of it is excellent (in the context of its reality genre) but rather that it’s replacing news coverage that is the stated raison d’etre of the network.

  2. Frankly, I don’t give a sh!t what Zucker thinks. His network is overrun with reality shows and it sucks.

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