Trouble at The Situation Room?

The Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein writes about internal strife with CNN’s The Situation Room…

The Mirror reported late last week that several members of CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer‘s staff have marched out in the last year. That is, ever since they brought on a new executive producer, Jay Shaylor, to allegedly save Wolf’s hide.

New details are emerging regarding Shaylor spurring the resignations of Wolf’s longest serving staffers.

“Wolf gave Jay full reign to make any changes,” said a CNN insider who is in a solid position to know what’s happening in The Situation Room. “The show is about to die. It’s now or never.”

Which brings us to another floated theory inside CNN about Wolf, which is that the 66-year-old anchor, who has been with the network since 1990, is too afraid to say anything that would defy Shaylor and rest of top management, lest he risk his own job security. Some are saying he’s old, washed up and therefore has good reason to simply obey and do as he’s told. While many in the cable news industry perceive Wolf to be a sturdy franchise for CNN, others aren’t convinced his standing there is so air-tight.

But isn’t Wolf a brand?

“Ratings suck,” a TV media observer explained. “He is the face of CNN. They are beginning to think it may be that he’s too old and too boring. Which he is. He stutters. He’s terrible.”

While I disagree with the notion that Blitzer is the face of CNN or “the franchise”…he is one of their top line anchors and basically the point man for political and international stories; albeit less so now that Tapper is there.

Regardless of whether there’s truth to these stories or not, we must default to the old adage which is always true: happy shops don’t leak, unhappy shops leak.


6 Responses to “Trouble at The Situation Room?”

  1. I hate it, but he really is sort of awful. I guess he’s okay on prompter, but he ad libs like someone is holding his pet hostage. People like me watch him because he harkens back to an earlier time, but there aren’t enough people like me. It’s time.

  2. I am guessing that Wolf is worse than I remember him being because he is working scared. He has lots of knowledge, lots of connections and if he were really confident about his place at CNN his show would be better. It’s like he is waiting for the hammer to fall and it’s up there with all the lighting just above his head!

    Who do they have to take his place? John King?

  3. I feel bad for Wolf. I like Wolf. It’s like hearing about somebody picking on my Grandpa.

  4. He goes back to the first Gulf War. The name, the beard, the background..he had it all. Time is a cruel mistress.

  5. oh boo hoo dont like it get the heck out. I have no pity for folks that whine. suck it up or GO!

  6. I guess the treatment wore off.

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