More Ferguson…

The Washington Post’s Peter Holley uses CNN’s coverage of Ferguson last night to take some shots at Don Lemon…

It remains unclear which came first — Don Lemon inserting his agitating personal opinion into his coverage or his bosses rewarding him with more air time for doing just that. Either way, the combination has been a volatile one. In a matter of months the one-time golden boy with the charming smile has gone from a talking head to a head that seems incapable of not talking when other people are trying to answer his questions. Not since gaffe-laden Rick Sanchez has a CNN anchor courted this much controversy. It’s difficult to pinpoint the moment “Don Lemon, CNN anchor” became “Don Lemon aggressively subjective CNN polemicist,” but experts trace his emergence to at least as early as last year, when Lemon sided with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly in a discussion about young black men’s social decorum and use of belts.


Don’t expect Lemon to mellow anytime soon. An Associated Press article noted that CNN is in favor of the anchor’s editorializing “so long as he’s not predictably partisan.” “Predictable” might be the operative word there, considering Lemon is proving that he is anything but.

Janelle Rodriguez, vice president of programming at CNN U.S., told the AP that Lemon talks to viewers instead of talking down to them.

“Having a personality is a positive attribute,” she said.

Um..yeah. Tell that to Rick Sanchez…the former CNN anchor whose throne Lemon is apparently trying to lay claim to.


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