Van Susteren vs. Sharpton…

The Wrap’s Jordan Chariton talks to Greta Van Susteren who has a few things to say about Al Sharpton over Ferguson…

“I think Al Sharpton has injected himself way into it, and I think he has poured gasoline on the fire,” Van Susteren told The Wrap. “I’m so disappointed in Al Sharpton because he has the platform to heal, and he hasn’t done that — he actually could have done some good. He certainly hasn’t helped matters.”


“I’m a friend of Rachel Maddow’s, it’s just I’m driving home at night by that time, so I miss her show, but I won’t watch MSNBC because for the life of me, I don’t understand Al Sharpton sticking his nose into it and being part of the story.”

Can’t argue with Greta on this…


27 Responses to “Van Susteren vs. Sharpton…”

  1. It remains simply amazing that Al Sharpton has his own show. On TV. Broadcast by a major network. With the letters NBC in it. Wow.

    No wonder Chuck Todd is stuck in the basement behind a dead guy and a former Clinton operative.

  2. ^ And yes, count me among those who would rather watch the former Clinton operative and creator of the faux “War on Women™” than the MSNBC Sunday that is MTP.

  3. I can argue with Sharpton’s placement on MSNBC, but I sure as hell can’t argue with why he “stuck his nose in Ferguson”. I swear, sometimes white people can exhibit an astonishing lack of awareness of African-American history and issues sometimes.

  4. ^ That comment needs one less “sometimes”.

  5. I think Sharpton is the worst host on MSNBC – by a lot – and that says a lot when you have MHP, Schultz and JDB on the network. But FNC has a number of hosts that are just as bad as Sharpton. Pirro, Hannity and anyone on F&F come to mind. Even CNN has a few bad hosts. Lemon and Cuomo are good examples.

    The thing is they all have audiences and supporters; some on this blog. It depends on what you want in a host. I’ll agree it’s amazing that Sharpton has his own show, but it’s just as amazing that Pirro and Lemon have their own shows too.

    There have been bad hosts on cable news networks, and people b*tching about them, since Ted Turner invented the concept. My guess is there will bad hosts, and people b*tching about them, until cable news nets are just a memory – which may not be that far in the future.

  6. Nobody is in Sharpton’s class. I don’t even know when Pirro is on. Actually, I didn’t even know she had a show. It sure isn’t anywhere near primetime. And Lemon is nowhere near Sharpton either.

    He’s in a class all his own.

  7. “count me among those who would rather watch the former Clinton operative…than the MSNBC Sunday that is MTP.”

    ^^MTP is a disaster, and I really hate to say that as I love Chuck Todd and was really hoping he would be allowed to overhaul the program.

    The only thing new on MTP, beside Todd, is the set – and it’s not as good as the old one. Todd is trying but he just can’t overcome the terrible format, gimmicks, talking point spouting guests and panels filled with political hacks arguing political spin endlessly over each other and the host. There is the occasional interesting interview or segment but mostly it’s crap.

    They need to do what they promised and take the show back to it’s roots. Call out the guests when they spin obvious talking points with proof they are lying (Perhaps a segment at the end of the show that fact checks the BS spouted by guests and panelists) and eliminate pundits from the panels. There is a very good example of what a good panel discussion looks like on PBS’s Washington Week. The MTP panels now look like another PBS panel show – The McLaughlin Group.

  8. People can complain about Sharpton as a cable news host all they want – I can’t stand Politics Nation – but acting bewildered that a civil rights activist is involved in a civil rights action is just ignorant.

  9. Claiming Jeanine Pirro is irrelevant because you don’t know she’s on Fox weekend primetime is silly.

  10. “He’s in a class all his own.”

    ^^I’m not disagreeing but my problem with Sharpton isn’t his politics; it’s his performance. It’s amateur hour.

  11. I definitely dislike NBC & MTP more than I dislike Chuck Todd as I don’t actually dislike him. But, he’s not a strong enough presence, IMO, to host MTP.

    And, Lemon catches a lot of flack but I can’t help but like the guy. Black holes and all.

  12. “he’s not a strong enough presence”

    ^^In the right format Todd works fine. He was great on the Daily Rundown. But if it’s presence you want John Stewart would be your guy. I would have loved to see him take on some of the blowhards and idiots Chuck has to deal with on MTP. It would be a ratings bonanza.

  13. I think you’re way off regarding stewart.

  14. “Lemon catches a lot of flack but I can’t help but like the guy.”

    ^^Lemon tries to be something he’s not – Anderson Cooper. He’s fine doing puff pieces on the latest Kardashian scandal but he should never be in a war zone like Ferguson. He just doesn’t have the gravitas.

  15. “I think you’re way off regarding stewart.”

    ^^ You don’t like his politics so I understand why he’s not your type of host and I would have agreed with you a month ago. But he was a revelation, to me at least, when I watched some of the interviews he gave for the movie he just opened about a Canadian prisoner in Iran. No BS and very little humor. Just a lot of smart dialog about the subject being discussed and tough exchanges with a few not up to snuff interviewers. He would have been the perfect host for MTP; hated by both liberal and conservative guests and pundits.

  16. Stewart was like that on his book tour about 8 years ago, too. I saw a Q&A session with an audience on C-SPAN, and I think most of the crowd was taken aback by his blunt, serious, and often “pox on all their houses” answers. The “Jon Stewart” of The Daily Show is almost as much of a TV character as “Stephen Colbert”.

  17. John Stewart plays a role on his cable show and he’s admitted as much more than once. Not “fake”, his is a smart performance.

    Al Sharpton also performs on his cable show, and some of that probably is fake. That so many don’t like him as a host is because they are not the intended audience. His activism long ago crossed the line into performance that is always in need of a cause for which to rally so to perform his craft and maintain his stature. Many preachers have been performing the same way in one form or another for centuries. They, too, often caused just as much harm as good in the process so that negative shouldn’t all be on his shoulders.

  18. Like Oral Roberts saying that God would shoot him dead if he didn’t get enough donations, or some such. Similar concept.

  19. You can not compare Sharpton with Pirro. Sharpton is on 5 days a week in prime time while Pirro is on one night on the weekend. Since when is that any basis for comparison?

  20. “You can not compare Sharpton with Pirro. Sharpton is on 5 days a week in prime time while Pirro is on one night on the weekend. Since when is that any basis for comparison?”

    ^^I’m sorry but that’s a ridiculous comment.

    A host’s airtime, the days they are on, the network they work for and/or the ratings the host gets don’t make a host liberal or conservative, an activist or a good performer. Airtime and ratings have little to do with a hosts skill, ideology or political activism. They are a measure of the hosts popularity with audiences and/or his employers. Lots of bad hosts get good ratings and/or lots of airtime and visa versa.

  21. RE Stewart:

    It’s not just his politics, it’s his shtick. He’s the kid in school who would continually talk trash to the bigger kids and when the bigger kids had enough it’s “Dude, relax, I was just kidding”. That’s his whole “I’m just a comedian” routine. It’s tiresome. He sits in the cheap seats and lobs hand grenades but when he’s confronted about something he weasels out with the “comedian” thing.

    He could be the exact same guy but from the right side of the spectrum and he’d be universally hated as opposed to glorified.

    I just don’t like him. It’s not all about politics. I don’t watch the mediaite clips when he’s going after somebody on the left either. To me, he’s just an elitist punk.

  22. Oh please fritz. Having someone on in prime time M – F says the management of that station likes what they have to say and want them to get bodies in front of the screen 5 dusts a week. To say that Pirro compares with that kind of messaging desire when she is on 1 night, a Saturday night no less says something very different.

    I NEVER said it had anything to do with wether a host is conservative or liberal. It is about the ratings you are trying to get. Reading comprehension is a skill learned in elementary school.

  23. Sharpton is not in primetime, and Pirro’s several airings over weekends probably get better ratings than his 5 weekdays. Basing a conversation on each’s ratings is folly.

  24. “Having someone on in prime time M – F says the management of that station likes what they have to say”

    ^^Exactly. I said “They (ratings and schedule) are a measure of the hosts popularity with audiences and/or his employers.” They don’t change his/her ideology or make them a better performer.

    Sharpton and Pirro are both on the air because of their beliefs, popularity with their bases and with their bosses; not because they are great hosts. Is your argument is that Pirro is less ideological and politically active than Sharpton because she has less airtime?

  25. “It’s not just his politics, it’s his shtick.”

    ^^As joe and al pointed out that’s just a character on his show. If you see him when not playing the role of ‘comedic cynical commentator on the news’ he’s a totally different personality.

    “I just don’t like him.”

    ^^That doesn’t make him unqualified to do the job. NBC bosses certainly thought he was qualified and were willing to take the risk of him failing.

    I don’t like Dennis Miller and his shtick and I also don’t think he’s qualified (and I doubt FOX does either) to give him Chris Wallace’s Sunday slot. It’s all about the talent.

  26. “Well I think NBC bosses have proven themselves to have questionable judgement. After all they wanted John Stewart for MTP! That may excite lefties but that’s about it.” (moved from Snyderman post)

    ^^Totally disagree. Stewart would have provided huge ratings, particularly in the demo, and it’s not just my opinion he would have been a very good host as well.

    The experiment may have failed in the end but I think the odds are good he would have done really well as a MTP host; provided he was the person making decisions on the shows format. If the format was chosen by the same idiots that are ruining it for Todd then who knows.

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