Blogus Interruptus…


Off to Maui and Oahu for a few days. No diving and little snorkeling. Going to attend Honolulu City Lights’ 35th Anniversary Parade (with the mighty Willie K. performing that night), Pearl Harbor day remembrances, and hopefully catch the first day of the Pipemasters on the North Shore. Blogging resumes December 10th.

BTW, the above pic was from my Komodo resort’s house reef. Doesn’t look like much but appearances can be deceiving. Check out the reef I was snorkeling…


Try and find that kind of house reef anywhere in the Caribbean or Hawaii. You can’t. Hell, you can’t find a dive spot in Hawaii and much of the Caribbean with a reef that good. It was the best house reef I ever snorkeled…beating out a house reef in the Vava’u island chain of Tonga which was my previous favorite snorkel spot.


2 Responses to “Blogus Interruptus…”

  1. Guess you could call this a hazard of some sort.

  2. Scarborough did a nice job of bashing “the media” this morning for ignoring Friday’s Bridgegate report. One problem. His network covered it all day, including Rachel Maddow. I saw it on at least four MSNBC shows, and I probably missed a few. Dude didn’t watch his own channel, then went on that channel to make up a story about them. Nice work, Joe.

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