Free for All: 12/13/14

What’s on your mind? Mine’s on today’s date which is the last time you’ll get a consecutive number date for nearly a century 20 years…


14 Responses to “Free for All: 12/13/14”

  1. I think a little over 19 years from now with the American format is the next: 1/2/34

  2. I’m trying to imagine the inevitable Top Ten Stories of the 2014, and wondering how in the world they’ll narrow it down. This year has just been too much, and I thought last year was bad enough.

  3. I would gladly skip the Top Ten this year. Most of it will be just awful, and I don’t need that trip down memory lane.

  4. I’m thinking there’s only a bottom ten news story list this year.

  5. As years go, this was one of them.

  6. Year end top ten stories, like most top ten lists, are totally arbitrary and pretty much in the eye of the beholder and in the prejudices of those making the list.

    Cable news nets have some additional criteria. They should have been well covered by that network and have good video available. For example on CNN missing Flight 370 would be a major story. For others, not so much.

  7. This is what you call a smack down. Todd would do better to know his history as opposed to relying on wingnut MSNBC talking points.

  8. CNN finally learnt that what’s happening in Sydney is serious enough to go to CNNi and drop a show about intriguing videos or whatever it is. FNC thinks the Huckabee show is more important than breaking news.

  9. Spent a fair amount of time watching Al Jazeera, before CNN dumped the viral vids for actual news. To be fair, they spent most of the 7 o’clock hour on it, while Fox had their “insiders” discussing the CIA report.

  10. Now CNN and FNC are back to taped programming.

  11. Four news channels, and they’re all in recordings. Damned if I know what the point is in having them.

  12. Pat Cadell is a lapsed Democrat whose current ‘insider’ status is limited to the walls of a Fox studio. Sure, let’s hear his Big Thoughts instead of covering breaking news…

  13. Three of those are no longer really news channels. They produce current event-based reality shows with largely contrived levels of conflict/importance/seriousness/etc., and much in the same way that Duck Dynasty is a reality programme despite their contrived storylines only because the Robertsons really do sell duck calls.

  14. Dick Chaney is a war criminal. I’d say he’s a miserable human being but that would give him credit for being human.

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