Jamie Colby to Return to FNC Airwaves?

FNC’s Jamie Colby, who has been off FNC’s air for seemingly forever as she travelled around the country shooting segments for FBN’s upcoming Strange Inheritance, strongly suggested on Twitter that she would be making a return to FNC’s airwaves very soon…

Rick ‏@PaDolphinsFan Dec 9
@JamieColbyTV how about you back on tv as a Christmas present to all your fans? Great picture!

@PaDolphinsFan before you know it!


3 Responses to “Jamie Colby to Return to FNC Airwaves?”

  1. If you follow back on her instagram pics, there’s one a week ago with Rita Crosby that says her show will air on FBN starting next month.

  2. I saw it.

  3. Maybe I’m missing something, but Colby was a relentless prober when interviewing someone; however, it was maddening to watch her preface her questions with interminable lead ins.. Maybe it’s her legal training??

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