“A Cable News Network Gone Astray” “What is CNN Alex?”

Radar Online’s Alan Duke writes about CNN getting dragged into Sony’s hell…(via J$)

CNN chief Jeff Zucker wants to add game shows to his channel’s programming, according to a new leaked Sony email.

Zucker, who headed NBC before joining CNN, approached Sony television executives in late October to propose the company produce a political version of their long-running game show Jeopardy, according to an email sent to Sony Pictures Television President Steve Mosko on November 6, 2014.

“Steve I met with Zucker this week and he asked if we would consider doing political jeopardy show for cnn. I’m guessing it’s a non starter but wanted to ask you how to respond to him,” read the e-mail from John Weiser, the president of Sony Pictures Television Distribution.

What’s next? A politics version of “Around The Horn”? Actually, now that I think about it I wouldn’t mind seeing some of CNN’s political contributors getting the mute button…


10 Responses to ““A Cable News Network Gone Astray” “What is CNN Alex?””

  1. Reaility game shows are the new “best thing”. Even Pawn Stars now has Pawnography on The History Channel. As long as the game show maintains some basis in “news” it’s not such a horrible idea. That CNN can’t seem to produce any new programmes that don’t suck is the horrible part.

  2. Hell, if they put their correspondents and pundits on it and the last place finisher gets the boot – I’d watch.

  3. This idea is just weird. Steve Kornacki has been doing a very funny satire of a political game show on his Saturday program for two years. If CNN actually did a real political game show it would be the first time, I can think of, that a parody show preceded the real one.

  4. “Around the horn”

    Don’t give them any ideas. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing Ms. Hostin muted in round 1.

  5. A ESPN show that might be worth copying with a political bent is PTI. I could see that working if you could find two sharp, funny and quick-witted hosts. On CNN; maybe Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper.

    The idea would be easier on MSNBC with someone like Luke Russert, Ari Melber or Steve Kornacki filling the bill.

    On FNC; who knows. I certainly don’t.

  6. One interesting by-product of the release of the Sony emails and files is that the alleged reason for the hacking; the release of ‘The Interview’ (a movie about killing North Korea’s Kim Jong-un) is garnering a lot more publicity than the it would without the scandal. In the end many more people may pay to see the flic and thus make Sony more money than if the hacking hadn’t happened.

  7. If it weren’t for business and profits, they should just scrap HLN and replace it with CNNi and let the serious viewers watch real news.

  8. “If it weren’t for business and profits, they should just scrap HLN and replace it with CNNi and let the watch real news.”

    ^^HLN and CNN are all about “business and profits”. ‘Serious viewers of real news’ are pretty rare breed in the US and so it’s only networks like BBC, CBC and PBS that can cater to them. And even they only do it on a part time basis. Cable news nets mostly tend to filter their ‘real news’ through some kind of agenda or ideology. The thing is ‘real news’ is always available on the net so watch it there.

  9. here’s an idea: keep cnn as it is but add a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 element to it.

  10. I like this idea! “Why is Wolf Blitzer yelling?” “I don’t think it’s even him..this is Reanimated Wolf Blitzer.” “It’s a hologram.”

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