Charlie Gasparino’s Unique Lone Gunman Theory…

Mediaite’s Andrew Desiderio writes about some provocative things FBN’s Charlie Gasparino put out on Twitter today…

While the hostage crisis was ongoing in Sydney, Australia Monday morning, Fox Business Network reporter Charlie Gasparino wondered whether waterboarding would have prevented Man Haron Monis‘s actions had they happened in New York City:

Charles Gasparino
Question: who wldnt be in favor of a little waterboarding to prevent a Sidney-like situation in NYC?

Some Twitter users questioned him, but Gasparino stuck to his guns:

@CGasparino what a fallacy – how do you waterboard a lone gunman?

Charles Gasparino
Waterboarding may prevent the lone gun man @TTN12

Look, I don’t care about Gasparino’s opinions on waterboarding…whatever they may or may not be. Nor am I interested in the subject of the ethicacy, efficiancy, or utility of waterboarding.

But the idea that waterboarding could prevent a lone wolf (Gasparino called it a lone gunman) is just plain ridiculous. The definition of the lone wolf theory is predicated on the fact that the guy came up with it and executed it on his own without any outside communication or influence. If waterboarding were to prevent a lone wolf from carrying out his plan, then he was never a lone wolf to begin with because he had co-conspirators. That is a completely different scenario.

Gasparino should have known the difference before sticking his neck out like that.


2 Responses to “Charlie Gasparino’s Unique Lone Gunman Theory…”

  1. “Gasparino should have known the difference before sticking his neck out like that.”

    ^^That predisposes that Gasparino is smart enough to understand the basic logic of your point. There would appear to be some doubt about that..

  2. Grandpa Dave Says:

    I listen when Gasparino talks about money. Othertimes, I hit ‘mute’.

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