DVR Use Continues to Rise…

If you ever wondered why certain cable news personalities keep telling you to DVR their shows, MediaPost’s Wayne Friedman tells you

A new survey says 62% of U.S. TV homes subscribing to a pay TV service have a digital video recorder — up from 41% from five years ago, this, according to Leichtman Research Group.

Overall, 76% of U.S. TV homes have either a DVR, use video on demand or have a subscription to Netflix. Twenty-six percent have two services, and 11% have all three. Research comes from a November 2014 telephone survey of 1,233 adults age 18 and older among continental U.S. TV homes.

Leichtman says whole-home DVR usage is growing. Now 55% of TV homes with a DVR now have DVR in more than one TV set, up from 28% five years ago.

Survey also notes 36% of pay-TV subscribers have Netflix, this compared to 48% of non-pay TV subscribers. Now 36% of Netflix subscribers stream video daily, and 72% stream it weekly. This is up from 10% in daily usage, and 43% in weekly usage from four years ago.


4 Responses to “DVR Use Continues to Rise…”

  1. I use a DVR and/or Netflix almost every day; primarily to record shows in the middle of the night, record sporting events like basketball games (to watch later without commercials and play stoppages), and where two shows I want to see are on at the same time.

    I rarely use it on dayside as I generally leave the TV on (usually at MSNBC) as background and only pay attention if something actually happens.

    I use Netflx less but it’s still worth the cost to be able to see shows from outside the US and shows and movies I missed when they were first broadcast.

    VOD I haven’t used to date, but may at some future date.

    In short I would say the DVR, and to a lesser extent Netflix, have totally changed my viewing habits – and in a good way that benefits me.

  2. None of the non-news, non-sports programming we watch is watched live. Everything else is DVR’d. My kids use Netflix every day.

    Regarding the DVRing of news shows or any show for that matter; how do advertisers view this? I definitely don’t watch the commercials.

  3. I still see a lot of ads while FFing, which I think advertisers consider “impressions”. Plus most of the time when I watch a DVRed cable news show I’ll just let it run as if it’s live. I tend to sorta-watch news/opinion while on Twitter and whatnot, so stopping to pay enough attention to skip all the ads doesn’t happen.

  4. […] on advertising) to simply deny itself revenue as a sort of marketing gimmick. Besides, DVR use is still on the rise a decade-plus after it first became available, meaning fewer people are *actually* watching […]

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