Free For All: 01/05/15

What’s on your mind besides returning to work?


7 Responses to “Free For All: 01/05/15”

  1. Already sick of the Chris Christie, Jerry Jones high five/hug/non-hug story. Who gives a sh*t and if you do askyourself: why am I so shallow?

  2. Media Buzz is turning into the atrocious Fox News Watch. Howard Kurtz is developing Jon Scott’s habit of grouping straight news and opinion shows together, then referring generically to any media outside of Fox as “the media”. It’s the lazy “MSM” shorthand so prevalent at FNC, and it eventually infects everyone who works there. Yesterday’s show was terrible.

  3. savefarris Says:

    then referring generically to any media outside of Fox as “the media”.

    When they act like this, it’s pretty justified.

  4. It’s not “justified” to turn a media criticism show into another hour of Fox generically labeling all news and opinion outlet not called Fox as “the media”, then complain about them as that monolith. Not to mention that Howie and Zurawik spent 10 minutes on GMA practicing the SHOCKING VIDEO!..YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS! brand of tabloid journalism with nary a mention that almost every hour of Fox News starts that way. It was quite a display.

  5. All of Romney’s apparently absurd economic claims for a Romney Administration came true under Obama. That’s gotta hurt.

  6. Luke Russert tweet from yesterday: Boehner wins Speakership for 3rd term in light of 25 #GOP defections. Never in doubt but the Kamikaze Caucus is alive & barking

    Straight news reporter? I think not!

  7. Nicolle Wallace, on the insider’s clubhouse that is Morning Joe, quite aptly labeled the Gohmert-wing of the Republican Party as the “politics of futility”. The only thing more pathetic than that display is the people who thought it could work, and had a collective tantrum when it didn’t.

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