Camerota to New Day Permanently. Bolduan to @ThisHour…

“When we put Kate next to Chris, you just knew and [the chemistry] was there and as it unfolded, you saw it,” – Jeff Zucker, 5/10/2013

I point the above out because A) “Chemistry” is the reason Bolduan is no longer going to be on New Day and someone needs to coral Jeff Zucker and get him to explain this complete 180 in his feelings regarding New Day “chemistry”. B) It’s me and it’s what I do. You just knew I’ve been saving this quote since the day it came out.

The Wrap’s Jordan Chariton writes about changes to CNN mornings that go beyond FTVLive’s original reporting that Alisyn Camerota would be taking over from Kate Bolduan on New Day…

She will become co-anchor of @ThisHour with John Berman at 11amET, replacing Michaela Pereira, who has been promoted from news anchor for “New Day” to co-anchor alongside Cuomo and Camerota.

Behind-the-scenes, Javi Morgado, has ascended to Executive Producer of the morning show, replacing Matt Frucci, who was cut from the show during 2014’s widespread layoffs. Morgado joined CNN in 2011 as Senior Broadcast Producer for morning shows. Jim Murphy will remain Senior Executive Producer.

The @ThisHour move is somewhat surprising. I fully expected Bolduan to get her own hour as a face saving move by the network.


14 Responses to “Camerota to New Day Permanently. Bolduan to @ThisHour…”

  1. harry1420 Says:

    If it’s ratings they are wanting cnn will continue to lose. A person doesn’t know when to tune in for news. You never know if the latest reality show is gonna be on or what!

  2. “The @ThisHour move is somewhat surprising. I fully expected Bolduan to get her own hour as a face saving move by the network.”

    ^^It seems like a pretty good move by CNN. Everybody gets something.

    I don’t see Bolduan’s move as a surprise. She’s a new mom and a late morning show slot would seem to be better fit for her, at this time, than getting up at 3AM and dealing with the stress of having to work with an a**hole. Almost no one thinks she’s at fault here so I really don’t see it as a demotion. Besides she’ll be available to get a better slot if someone like Costello or Lemon continue to act like idiots.

  3. But it is absolutely a demotion. She’s not at fault but it is a total demotion.

    I’ll put my money on Lemon over Costello continuing to gaffe it up.

  4. “But it is absolutely a demotion. She’s not at fault but it is a total demotion.”

    ^^Well if know one see’s it as her fault (in fact I see it as her falling on her sword to help the network, so they owe her);

    and she has a much lesser workload – at the pay rate of a morning show cohost (I can’t see CNN reducing her salary; but I don’t know for sure);

    and much better working conditions (no 3AM wake up and not having to work with Cuomo)

    and maybe a promise of good things to come (again just a guess)

    then it could be a pretty good deal for her in the end – particularly if the ‘New Day’ cohosts don’t get along.

  5. That it may not be seen as a demotion doesn’t mean it wasn’t. She went from the “flagship” morning show to the middle of the day (east coast time). Yes, all the factors you cite are perfectly true and maybe she wanted less time.

    All that said, the fact that CNN has not come out with a press release on this says a lot to me. One may yet come. If it doesn’t come however, it’s because CNN doesn’t want to draw any more attention to this move than it has to. Actions speak louder than words. If it was truly a win-win, CNN would take proactive steps to ensure the word got out that it was.

  6. I bet that if “New Day” was a show based in Atlanta or LA instead of NYC then Mr. Cuomo would’ve gotten the demotion for “lack of chemistry.” Those around us have more affect on our perceptions than we realise, and he’s probably a big deal in New York. So is Ms. Camerota, for that matter, and she seems to be able to get along with anybody. So if there’s still a chemistry problem on that show then Mr. Cuomo will probably be the one moving on.

  7. bushleaguer Says:

    Al – I would assume that CNN shelled out big bucks to bring in Cuomo so he would probably be the last to go regardless of where the show aired.

    I’m surprised as well that they didn’t keep Bolduan in a holding pattern and see what they are going to do with State Of The Union now that Candy Crowley is leaving. I’m assuming that Jake Tapper will get the gig….in which case they could have given Tapper’s show to Bolduan so it wouldn’t look so bad.

    I also read they got rid of Indra Petersons. Another surprise, as she and Michaela Pereira seemed to be the two people best suited for a morning show in terms of personality.

    In the end, Bolduan got thrown under the bus.

  8. Big bucks are shelled out solely for the purpose of big ratings and ad revenue. If the ratings and revenue aren’t panning out then those big bucks spent only make for bigger losses.

  9. I feel like this is a bit of a demotion for Michaela, too. Whatever you call what she is doing on New Day, I doubt it looks any different than it did before. So essentially she is losing an hour that she did a great job co-anchoring with Berman. I know that they needed to put Kate somewhere, but was that the best fit?

  10. A great job? I find Michaela’s personality very off-putting. She has an imperious ‘Oprah vibe’ which comes off as condescending.

  11. You have your opinion. I have mine. We can share differing opinions and still be fine. I like the job she does. You don’t. I am sure there is someone in cable news that you enjoy that I don’t. It is okay. Nonetheless, it does seem to be a demotion of sorts for her.

  12. Page Six and Daily Mail now report that CNN female staffs are mad over this replacement –

    I agree with Fritz; it was necessarily a bad arrangement for a new mom. But the way CNN handled this did make you go hmmmm as ICN suggested.

  13. You have your opinion. I have mine.

    I’m not arguing this. My opinion was fully intended as a reply to your’s, not an attempt to cancel your’s out.

  14. I think Camerota and Pereira have been doing fairly decent jobs in their respective slots. I can’t say that I saw Bolduan bringing any real value to the morning news program. The other two women certainly come across as being more informed and engaged with the varying subjects. At the same time, I am not sure that adding her as co-anchor will be better for Pereira either.

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