Red Meat…

It’s been a while since I trolled for easy commentary…let’s see how out of practice I am…


“MSNBC is sending Ronan Farrow to France today, where he will start reporting live upon arrival” (link)

ok…have at it…


32 Responses to “Red Meat…”

  1. He seems like an intelligent young man. I’m sure it’ll be a good learning experience for him.

  2. imnotblue Says:

    They were going to send Sharpton, but he said they’re wasn’t enough money to be made.

  3. It’s a little late; as the story is all but over but Farrow has contacts in Europe that may give him a fresh outlook on the story. As well, he did a pretty good job on his last road trip to Texas.

    As Lynn says; “He seems like an intelligent young man. I’m sure it’ll be a good learning experience for him.” I agree with her.

    BTW Spud I doubt you’ll get as much of a reaction to the story as you expect. We on the left will be mostly OK with the trip and those on the right will do snark. I doubt there’ll be much outrage.

  4. The guy is totally unqualified to report this story. Doesn’t matter what your ideology is. This is about basic journalistic competency and credibility. Farrow has none of it.

    BTW, Lynn was being sarcastic…

  5. At least I hope Lynn was being sarcastic…

  6. I believe that children are our future.

  7. “The guy is totally unqualified to report this story. Doesn’t matter what your ideology is. This is about basic journalistic competency and credibility. Farrow has none of it.”

    ^^I guess I was wrong about the outrage. 😉

  8. Farrow has written extensively on human rights for WSJ, NYT, & many other papers. He’s finishing up his PhD on International Relations (focusing on terrorism & war) from Oxford. Yes, he’s new on TV. But it’s ridiculous to dismiss him before he even starts to report from Paris.

  9. I dismissed him when I first heard he was getting a show on MSNBC. Sometimes dismissal is justified.

  10. I have no “outrage”. He may do a good job, and might have no less gravitas than Chris Cuomo, whom I keep thinking is in his 20’s. That may be more a function of my age than his.

  11. They should have sent Alex Wagner. Her mastery of this issue on NOW today was quite impressive. She rattled off the last 15 years of religious tension and terrorist activity in France like it was common knowledge.

  12. Yeah- she let a guest compare the language Larry Flynt used against Jerry Falwell and his following lawsuit to what happened in Paris because….religion you know.

    Who keys a guest get away with comparing a lawsuit to murder?

    Alex Wagner, of course!

  13. I fail to see what Jonah’s little tantrum has to do with this topic, or Wagner’s knowledge of recent French history. Oh right, you’re just trolling rightwing outrage. My mistake.

  14. What Lonestar said…in spades.

  15. Well I actually watch Ronan Farrow Daily, and after a very long, slow start, it’s gotten quite good in the last few months. He’s a smart kid, but it took him forever to calm down and talk conversationally to the camera.

    As for “reporting” from France, I’m ambivalent. It might be good, it might suck. I’ll watch and let y’all know.

  16. Well said Joe.

  17. Who makes up the intended audience? Mr. Farrow might not be qualified only if he was sent there in order to provide a hard-news reporting on the events in France to an audience of random viewers. Since MSNBC isn’t much of a straight news channel any longer, I think it’s more likely that his assigned role is to provide an opinioned, contextual reporting to an audience made up of like-minded viewers. If that is the case then his background might make him well-suited for this.

  18. I just saw Ronan Farrow’s first live update report from Paris on Steve Kornacki’s show and he did a very good job. He looked comfortable and answered Steve’s questions articulately. He didn’t look out of place at all.

    In short he looked qualified competent and credible.

  19. I saw Ronan do a report about tomorrow’s Unity Rally. He did as good a job as anyone else with a basic standup shot. I don’t see a problem.

  20. Ronan Farrow graduated from college at 15 and went to Yale Law School before becoming a Rhodes scholar and special adviser to the Secretary of State for global youth issues.

    With his background it makes him very much qualified to say the least to handle reporting on France’s siege.

    R .F. has been getting quite a bit of flack here on this site. Really!
    Perhaps in some peoples eyes, Mr. Farrow doesn’t fit the typical stereotype role of an anchor person, but he is very well learned and is quite capable in fact more so than many other/anchor people on cable TV at present.

    I have really enjoyed R.F.s show. He speaks very intelligently and is quite knowledgeable.

    R. F. is a breath of fresh air.

  21. He seems much more at ease reporting from these locations than actually anchoring in the studio IMO.

  22. On the Bro Scale, Ronan is more Peter Doocy than Luke Russert. Oddly enough, that speaks quite well for him, since Peter was blessed with a family name much more readily exceeded than Luke.

  23. imnotblue Says:

    Oh MSNBC and their blondes…

  24. Steve Doocy is no Tim Russert and Luke Russert is no Peter Doocy. Ronan Farrow is a Peter Doocy, except with more famous parentage.

    Did I get that right?

  25. Hey, did you know Ronan Farrow graduated from college at 15? And he’s a Rhodes scholar? Yeah, well he still sucks on TV.

    Nobody is questioning whether he can calculate the area of a hexagon.

  26. “Hey, did you know Ronan Farrow graduated from college at 15? And he’s a Rhodes scholar? .”

    ^^Hey did you know liberals on TV who are very smart really piss off LS. 🙂

    “Yeah, well he still sucks on TV”

    ^^And the consensus on this post so far (except for LS and Spud, who hate him because – well – he’s Ronan Farrow), is that Farrow is doing a pretty good job in France.

  27. Leaving aside the evident concern that MSNBC must have for people who never watch their network. 😉

  28. imnotblue Says:

    If MSNBC wasn’t concerned about people who don’t watch their network, they wouldn’t have much to be concerned about.

  29. Ronan Update: He was reporting from Paris while waiting for Earnest’s briefing to start, and it didn’t go well. He kept saying “The briefing is starting now. Is it starting? I need someone to tell me in my IFD when it begins. Do we know when it’s starting?” This went on for five excruciating minutes. Not awesome.

  30. We learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes. Sounds like Mr. Farrow experienced an exceptional learning opportunity.

  31. Ronan has one habit that most news people should emulate: When he breaks for commercial or end of show, he looks down at the papers in front of him (for the standup Paris shots, something in his hands) as if he’s done with the camera and is dealing with the next thing. This eliminates the sometimes bizarrely long “I shall stare at this camera ’til the light goes off” thing.

    I saw Megyn do ‘the stare’ a while back, and they cut the closeup and went for a panning away side shot. A long one. She was still staring like a pissed-off crazy person at the camera in front of her. It was hilarious.

  32. The ‘look at the camera’ thing seems like the most awkward thing imaginable. Takes but a couple seconds for it to get creepy.

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