The Beginning of The End?

TVNewser’s Brian Flood reports that Al Jazeera America will eliminate all US based live morning news programming.

Al Jazeera America plans to air programming from Al Jazeera’s main studios in Qatar in the mornings, U.S. time. AJAM has been cutting costs drastically, including on costly remotes and live shots. Just last week, the network cut back on the use of a second New Yorks studio.

Al Jazeera will continue to move forward in some capacity but things are not looking good for its US based network.


28 Responses to “The Beginning of The End?”

  1. Well, that sucks. Guess it’s back to MSNBC.

  2. Looks like there was disagreement in the newsroom howvto cover the massacre in France. The American reporters/anchors felt one way and Muslim management felt another.

  3. “The American reporters/anchors felt one way and Muslim management felt another.”

    ^^That debate is not exclusive to AJAM. LOD was upset on his program that he wasn’t allowed to show the Charlie cartoons and I imagine the debate about how the story (free press vs publishing offensive cartoons) should be covered was happening in every newsroom.

  4. -American reporters/anchors felt one way and Muslim management felt another-

    While many countries around the world claim support for freedom of the press, the USA is pretty much the only one that actually goes out of its way to guarantee it. It’s illegal for certain things to be printed about the Royal family, for example, and even Canada has a prohibition of some news reporting during a criminal trial. So there is nothing unusual about a controversy within the walls of AJAM about this.

  5. ^ illegal in England. Dagnabbit… Joe’s fortune for en edit button.

  6. Joe’s fortune for en edit button.

    I can’t believe you still remember that phrase. It was six years ago!

  7. Oh yeah? Well I’m surprised you remembered it enough to recognise I remembered it.

    I’ve been posting comments on ICN for six years?

  8. I’ve been posting comments on ICN for six years?

    This fact freaks me out, too. George Bush was still president when I showed up here. Sheesh!

  9. I know I know..I’m off topic, and dragged Al with me. Back to AJAM!

  10. “AJAM” sounds like the name of a rock concert.

  11. Wasn’t the channels supposed to have 60% AJE and 40% US-content instead of what it is right now (mostly US content)?
    One could spin it as they’re going back to Plan A.

  12. They seem to be putting on the kinds of real news programming that many have complained about not seeing enough of, yet few ever watch. Part of this likely has to do with who “they” are, but I think that’s a very small part.

    The bigger reason is likely that there simply isn’t a large enough audience for high-quality news shows. This is what CNN, FNC, and MSNBC figured out years ago, and why those channels abandoned the traditional forms of news reporting and news discussion programming in favour of their themed product that flows from show to show throughout their schedules.

    If C-Span had to compete for advertising dollars in order to be among our cable/satellite choices then it would have died out around the same time that Betamax did.

  13. The biggest problem for me is no HD. It makes the broadcast look like an old, washed out VHS tape, and I can’t stand to look at it. If I could get an AJAM that worked on a modern TV like the other cable channels, I would watch it.

  14. Perhaps they should target their marketing to women, as most don’t give a rat’s about HD.

  15. savefarris Says:

    Does this mean Al Gore gets his channel back?

  16. Cenk Uygur is probably available.

  17. “Perhaps they should target their marketing to women, as most don’t give a rat’s about HD.”

    No sh!t. I walked into the living room the other day and my wife was watching something on the non-HD version of whatever channel it was. When I asked her why she wasn’t watching the HD channel, she replied that she didn’t notice. What? How is that possible?

  18. I still have a 1990 Sanyo in the living-room. You can’t even give those away, not that we’re looking to.

  19. I saw one of those circa -1990 big bulky televisions a few months back. It was in a power company’s “How Power and Technology Has Changed Our Lives” museum exhibit.

    Yes, seriously.

  20. Can’t give it away, can’t kill it. It acts as though it might die, just to taunt me. AJA looks as good as it ever will, on that beast.

  21. My 90’s Big Block Of TV crapped out two years ago. I didn’t even know what the heck an HDTV was ’til I got to the Best Buy. It was quite an adventure.

  22. Here’s an AJA story: Experimental death drugs for execution. I don’t think I’ve seen a thing about it, on FNC or CNN. They were doing stories on this even before that botched execution in Oklahoma, which made it not so surprising.

  23. They’re not showing Charlie Hebdo, either.

  24. Rachel has done several nights on experimental death drugs. The short version is there’s no real business marketing this stuff anymore, so prisons are grabbing up whatever concoction someone is willing to sell them, then hoping it works. It often doesn’t.

  25. To be covered, the Affordable Care Act probably requires that experimental death drugs be purchased through mail order with a three-month supply.

  26. But you don’t have to worry so much about the expiration date, so that’s nice.

  27. The prisons should put a veterinary physician on their payroll. If he drug is good enough to put your family’s loving dog or horse down, it’s good enough for murderers.

  28. Now that Charlie Hebdo’s latest issue has surpassed its old sales record by millions, I think the point’s been made that freedom of the press will not be stymied through terror and murder. We should all go back to ignoring that sickening excuse for publishing company.

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