“They All Look Alike”…

When is Joe Walsh really Joe Walsh?

What’s funny is the original tweet is still up, followed a couple hours later by the other tweet. Yet there’s no acknowledgement of the error…


4 Responses to ““They All Look Alike”…”

  1. She should have acknowledged the error but I’m glad she didn’t just delete the original. There is too much of that and everyone knows there is a screen shot of everything at this point.

  2. It’s simple @name mistake. I think she would look silly apologizing for it, especially since the rest of the tweet is clear about which Joe Walsh she was talking to. Nobody thinks that dude in the Eagles was talking death smack about CNN and MSNBC.

  3. Do you have a profile on twitter that someone can look at before someone picks you as the one they want to comment to? Don’t know much about twitter.

  4. Yes, the name is easy to click on to see that person’s pic and bio. It was a lazy mistake, especially with a name known to be shared by two public people.

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