Dish vs. Fox: Round 2…

The Hollywood Reporter’s Eriq Gardner writes about how last night’s deal between 21st Century Fox and Dish paves the way to potentially settling an even bigger headache…

With about a month to go until a trial, Fox Broadcasting and Dish Network have requested that a California federal judge pause litigation over the controversial ad-skipping DVR service known as AutoHop or the Hopper until late October, when a retransmission consent agreement between the parties is set to expire.

In a court document filed on Thursday, the parties say that they believe “it is highly likely that the negotiation later this year of a renewal of their 2010 agreement will result in resolution of this lawsuit.”

Last night I said that that Dish kind of won the spat because they got Fox Sports 1 uncoupled from the negotiation process. Now we see why it got uncoupled. Mediaite’s Joe Concha argues that yesterday was a big win for Fox. Certainly Fox wants you to think that. That 50% increase is no small potatoes after all.

But this lawsuit is an even bigger deal. How this works out; whether Dish and Fox settle or this goes back to court, and we may never know all the details, will ultimately determine who was the victor yesterday.


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