CNN To Produce Game Show…

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. Yes, the CNN as we knew (and loved) it is dead…

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens writes about the political game show CNN is working on…

Insiders tell us the show will be hosted by Anderson Cooper and will air on Presidents’ Day, Feb. 16. If it’s successful, further episodes would go into production.

We hear the program will be a quiz style game show, focused on presidential politics.

I could riff on this for at least half an hour and not get tired…


20 Responses to “CNN To Produce Game Show…”

  1. Which pundit gets to play Paul Lynde in the center square? Though that might be more apropos for Don Lemon..

  2. savefarris Says:

    A real missed opportunity to have Candy Crowley as the judge…

  3. Pin the Tail on the Missing Plane
    Hide and Go Seek the Missing Plane
    Don Lemon says the Darndest Things
    Win, Lose or Draw…out coverage for months on end
    Are You Smarter than a Lemon

    Ok, I’m done.

  4. Steve Kornacki has been doing a parody (but real) game show based on politics for two years now. What’s that they say about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

    Cooper is a pretty good choice for host; although I’m disappointed John King wasn’t given a shot. 🙂

  5. On a serious note, I think the game show idea is better the stupid Anthony Bourdain nonsense. At least it will provide some politics/history, etc.

  6. ^^I think the game show idea is better the stupid Anthony Bourdain nonsense.”

    ^^ I think Bourdain is the best thing on CNN. I always learn something new on that show which is why I watch cable news.

    “At least it will provide some politics/history, etc.”

    ^^It’s pretty obvious you never watched the show. It’s all about the politics, history and culture of the places he visits. Talking about the food is only the vehicle for the discussion to take place. Really silly comment.

  7. Grandpa Dave Says:

    I’m interested in seeing how Cooper does. He’s supposed to be in line to replace Alex Trebek and I’d like to know if Jeopardy will still be watchable.

  8. “I think Bourdain is the best thing on CNN.”

    ^^I should have said Prime Time show. Fareed Zakaria GPS and Reliable Sources are better but they’re on only on weekends.

  9. I love Bourdain’s show…

    …just not having it air on CNN…

  10. icemannyr Says:

    MSNBC had a game show hosted by Al Roker in the early days.

  11. The History Channel has Pawn Stars and that show makes for fantastic history lessons. If they can make this game show interesting, informative, and fun then it’s not such a crazy idea. The cable news we knew growing up has been circling the drain for years. CNN has to transform into something people will watch.

  12. CNN has to transform into something people will watch.

    Which apparently is something this person won’t. My list of Things Watchable On CNN is down to New Day Weekend and Ana Cabrera Flips Hair.

  13. The real cable news programmes that you want to watch no longer attract their target audience. FNC and MSNBC transitioned into something more like talk radio and CNN hasn’t quite figured out what to transition itself into yet. I guess the plan is to keep trying things until something turns up that doesn’t suck.

  14. I wish they’d bring DL Hughly’s show back. I liked it a lot.

  15. The worst thing that ever happened to cable news was the advent of three 24-hour channels. I think that if NBC could turn back the clock, they wouldn’t bother. Then, you’d have had a straight-up competition between Fox and CNN, which would have made for a MUCH more balanced playing-field. Two choices is fine, three is insane.

  16. “Two choices is fine, three is insane.”

    ^^There are actually about a dozen cable news networks on air now. Three would seem like the good old days of a decade ago.

  17. I know of four, and Al Jazeera barely counts.

  18. “I know of four, and Al Jazeera barely counts.”

    Here are some more:
    Newsmax TV
    One America
    The Blaze
    BBC World News
    CNN Española
    Weather Channel
    Not all are 24/7 or easy to find but I believe all are available on cable or satellite somewhere in the US. If you add the online news networks, networks available from neighbouring countries and foreign language news networks, like the Russian one, you can add many more.

  19. fritz:

    True, I haven’t really watched the show. I’ve definitely caught bits and pieces as I click over to see what’s going on on CNN only to find that show.

  20. “True, I haven’t really watched the show.”

    ^^Been there; done that; have the tee-shirt. We all comment on shows we haven’t actually seen. It’s rare when we are big enough to admit it.

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