Free for All: 01/23/15

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  1. I thought I’d see how people feel about the Republican POTUS field here at ICN 2.0.

    Here’s the field (to date) from Wikipedia. I may have missed some so feel free to add. My guess as to who will actually win is John Kasich. I wouldn’t be happy if Bob Corker won; as I think he’s a really smart guy; (for a Republican) 🙂 but I just don’t see that happening.

    I’d do a list for the Democratic side but it doesn’t make much sense as Hillary seems like a shoe in. Maybe if things change I’ll reconsider.

    Top names:
    Mitt Romney – E E – Establishment
    Jeb Bush – E L -Libertarian
    Chris Christie -E TP – Tea Party
    CC – Clown Car
    2nd tier: SP – Self promoter
    Rand Paul – L VP – running for VPOTUS
    Scott Walker -E/TP PM -Pro Military
    John Kasich -E/VP EV – Evangelical/
    Marco Rubio – E/VP AB – Anti Abortion
    Mike Huckabee TP/EV/AB

    3rd. tier:
    Rick Perry – E/VP
    Mike Pence – E/VP
    Bob Corker – E/VP
    Ted Cruz – TP
    Mitch Daniels – E/VP
    Bobby Jindal – TP/EV/VP/AB
    Rick Snyder – E/VP
    Susanna Martinez – E/VP
    Lindsey Graham E/PM/VP
    John Thune – E/VP
    Rick Santorum – TP/EV/AB

    Long Shots; Self Promoters; Clown Car:
    Ben Carson – TP/SP
    Bob Elrich – SP
    John Bolton – TP/SP/CC/PM
    Sarah Palin -TP/CC
    Herman Cain – CC
    Rick Snyder E/SP
    Donald Trump – CC/SP
    Michelle Bachmann – CC/SP/TP
    Carly Fiorina – SPVP
    Jim Gilmore – SP
    Peter King – PM/SP
    George Pataki – SP
    Rick Scott – SP/VP

    Have fun.

  2. Word Press took the spaces away from the lines. There should be a bigger space between the two E”s.
    Mitt Romney – E E – Establishment


  3. If I tried to guess who would win the nomination now, I’d sound just like the idiots who do this every day on cable news, but I’ll tell you this: Mitt Romney could beat Hillary Clinton. Regaining the nomination after just losing the General last time ’round is just about impossible, but if he somehow managed to pull it off it would be an interesting fight between “I’m not sure how conservative he is” and “I’m not sure how liberal she is”.

    The dynamics are similar with Jeb, but his name would be a problem in the General. That said, I don’t think either of those two can get out of the primaries.

  4. I think Kasich is a good guess.

  5. Grandpa Dave Says:

    I won’t make any guess at this time. Eight years ago when I first heard of a junior Senator from Illinois and saw his ads with the “Obama Girl” I thought “this is some kind of joke. Hillary will walk all over him.”

    I’ve since given up prognosticating this early.

  6. savefarris Says:

    Mitt Romney could beat Hillary Clinton.

    “Could” is a rather strong word. The Clintons love to hit below the belt and Mitt might actually be too nice to retaliate in the manner necessary.

  7. If Al Sharpton can’t have a sense of humor about Al Sharpton, no one can.

  8. Do conservatives – who complain about government misusing its resources and the over-criminalization of behavior – really, truly want Gregory prosecuted? For this nonsense?

    The right mistrusts government – except when they like it.

  9. “Do conservatives – who complain about government misusing its resources and the over-criminalization of behavior – really, truly want Gregory prosecuted?”

    ^^They do unless he lands a job on FNC; in which case all would be forgiven. 😉

  10. “Do conservatives – who complain about government misusing its resources and the over-criminalization of behavior – really, truly want Gregory prosecuted? For this nonsense?”

    No. But, I’m sure they’ll point out the hypocrisy.

  11. savefarris Says:

    Do conservatives … really, truly want Gregory prosecuted?

    Didn’t read the article, did ya?

    Conservatives think the DC law is stupid and should be scrapped … BUT … if they’re gonna enforce it on some, they need to enforce it on all. Especially those who violate it so blatantly.

  12. Regarding the enforcing it on “some”; I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that David Gregory and his wife are pals with the D.C. AG.

  13. Takeaway from the Brady conference:

    Brady: “I don’t squeeze the balls”.

  14. icemannyr Says:

    For all the mocking GloZell Green got from Megyn Kelly last night and conservative news websites for being one of the YouTube personalities to interview Obama she was very respectful during her interview.
    She asked Obama about the SONY hack, Police relations, Cuba, SMM & his Legacy as President.

    I wonder if Megyn who was mocking the selection does any followup tonight?

  15. imnotblue Says:

    I think MSNBC or CNN should give GloZell her own show as a result.

    She’s “respectful,” and what other skills or experience are needed?

  16. Obama’s reaching an audience that doesn’t normally pay attention to politics. You can complain about the venues that he’s skipping, but this one seems perfectly valid.

  17. icemannyr Says:

    Were all the other people who interviewed other presidents kept to the same high standards by conservative media?

    The White House picked popular internet personalities to interview Obama.
    Someone please explain why this was so terrible?

  18. Someone please explain why this was so terrible?

    Because Fox hosts hate the president, and have a vested interest in expressing that hatred to an audience of Obama haters. There is no news value in any of this. It’s hatred/outrage entertainment. Ratings!

  19. The great thing about an interviewer like this person is that, unlike so many, she’s not angling for the next interview. She has this one shot, and she’s not going to waste it. Good for her.

  20. savefarris Says:

    Were all the other people who interviewed other presidents kept to the same high standards by conservative media?

    To be fair, most of the interview outlets conservatives complain about for the most part didn’t exist for other presidents, so it’s not entirely a fair comparison.

    (Though yes, there were critics.)

    Still, as Lynn notes, Obama aims for the outlets that specialize in low-information voters. Which makes scrutinizing the interview product extra important to see that those that “aren’t paying close attention” don’t get fed misinformation and outright lies.

  21. savefarris Says:

    She has this one shot, and she’s not going to waste it.

    That’s great right up until the point that it’s not, amiright guys?!?

  22. She has this one shot, and she’s not going to waste it.

    I enjoyed that bit of Eminem channeling.

    Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
    To seize everything you ever wanted. one moment
    Would you capture it or just let it slip?

    Feet fail me NOT! 😉

  23. imnotblue Says:

    It’s FOX News’ fault! Of course! Why didn’t I realize that?

    I mean, everything is FNC’s fault… and certainly any criticism of the President is… I should have guessed!

    But seriously, if Obama did more interviews with legitimate journalists, took more than a small handful of questions per press conference, and allowed the press to actually cover him (see the numerous stories referencing his distain and micromanagement of media involvement), this wouldn’t be a big deal.

    Instead, it comes across as yet another opportunity for Obama to claim he’s “taking to the people,” while he ignores tough questions from those with knowledge and experience.

  24. John Harwood ‏@JohnJHarwood · 1m1 minute ago
    YouTube interviewers didn’t do badly at all

  25. icemannyr Says:

    On FNC the graphic said “Obama grants bizarre interview” as Martha MacCallum subbing for Greta said, “A woman who eats cereal out of her bathtub. You didn’t expect that I was going to say that did you? and she was granted an interview with President Obama and she’s not the only one. I can’t, do you believe this? I’m not making this up.”

    In the intro to the segment Martha said “So president Obama took time out of his busy schedule to do some rather unusual interviews. Check this out. He sat down for the interviews with three YouTube stars” And then took a swipe at Green saying “One of them who a woman eats cereal out of her bathtub. But who doesn’t do that? Right? Looks like um Lucky Charms maybe. Is this the best use of Presidential time we ask?”

    She also said “I have a question of if this is even appropriate? Maybe that sounds stuffy of me but is this appropriate for him to do this?” This one woman GloZell referred to Michelle Obama as the first wife instead of the first lady. But there’s that and then she said something you can’t really say on television about Fidel Castro being a dictatorship. I’ll let you use your imagination on the rest of that one. I mean is it appropriate?

    During the segment they used a lower third that said “Bizarre Obama Interview” “Woman who eats cereal from bathtub intvs Obama”.

    FYI that Woman who eats cereal from bathtub is a comedian.

    Sure there were some awkward moments however I did not find any of the interviews Obama did for YouTube to be “bizarre”.

  26. savefarris Says:

    ^30 Rock/NYT Employee approves of kid-gloves treatment of Obama


  27. “It’s FOX News’ fault! Of course! Why didn’t I realize that?”

    Uh yeah, it’s always Fox News’ fault. Because these people are delusional. Hate tends to lead to delusion. If you wake up everday mad at Fox News Channel, you’ve got some issues.

  28. And I don’t care who the POTUS is, these interviews are stupid and diminish the office. I would say this no matter who the POTUS is.

    But…especially when an admin punishes those who don’t toe the line. As many MSM ers have noted, this is one of the least transparent Admins ever; not the most.

    But, if all you can do is cry tears over FNC, then I would imagine these Youtube interviews would be just the thing for you.

  29. fritz:
    You’re about to find out regarding Megyn and the bathtub cereal lady. It’s coming up next!


  30. icemannyr Says:

    You need a better argument then it’s just FOX haters hating on FOX.
    It’s people responding to the FOX news anchors hating on GloZell Green.

    Can they at least mention that GloZell Green is a comedian which is the reason she is in the bathtub with cereal?

  31. It’s not an “argument”, it’s a chant. Ignore it.

  32. “fritz:
    You’re about to find out regarding Megyn and the bathtub cereal lady. It’s coming up next!”

    ^^Ehhh? OK….. I guess.

  33. imnotblue Says:

    So because she’s a “comedian,” that means she gets a pass at everything?

    And why a Presidential interview with (another) comedian?! What priority is that?

  34. Here’s a question..who gives a damn? POTUS gave some interviews to internet people. It’s 2015, people. Try not to panic.

  35. Megyn did note (multiple times) that she’s a comedian.

    And sorry, fritz. It was Ice who was mentioning Megyn and the bathtub cereal lady. I got y’all confused. Gee, how could that happen…just kidding, both of y’all are good peeps.

    And, it’s not “Fox News anchors hating on Glozell Green”. It’s Fox News anchors questioning whether this diminishes the office of the Presidency. Which is a very valid question. IMO, it’s ridiculous to grant interviews to these people. As Jim Acosta asked Josh Earnest: “Were Charlie bit my finger and kid after dentist” not available.

    But, typically, in certain corners, it turns into a story about Fox instead of what the actual story is. I honestly don’t get how people can spend so much time with hurt tummy’s over a cable news channel.

  36. icemannyr Says:

    Please understand I’m not trying to make this personal.
    We all are allowed to talk about whatever we want.

    I talked about FOX because those were the only segments I saw on the Obama YouTube interviews when watching cable news.

    If I had caught segments on CNN or MSNBC I would have commented on them too.

    I have no problem questioning if those people should have been selected to interview the president.
    It just seemed to me like Marth and Megyn were making a bit to much of this it was getting into the petty mocking zone.

    Anyway the interviews are done and we can move on to the next topic.

  37. I honestly don’t get how people can constantly defend a news channel at all times, no matter what. The lack of critical thinking involved in calling anyone who criticizes Fox a “Fox hater” should be an embarrassment to you people, but you seem completely unaware of it. And it’s like this all over the internet. There’s an army of trained seals shouting FOX HATER! in every comment corner which mentions them. It’s EXACTLY like a religious cult.

  38. icemannyr Says:

    Regarding your last line. There are just as many people who complaining daily about the MSM, CNN and MSNBC and I don’t get annoyed when they do.

  39. MSNBC HATER! See how effing weird that sounds?

  40. I didn’t see Martha’s segment as I rarely watch Greta. I usually watch CNN at that hour. I pretty much watch CNN all day until BOR comes on.

    But, I thought the Megyn Kelly segment was fine.

  41. ” There are just as many people who complaining daily about the MSM, CNN and MSNBC and I don’t get annoyed when they do.”

    Well, speaking for me, the last couple things I said about anything regarding MSNBC was one thing defending Ronan freaking Farrow from a Mediaite cheap shot and something about their Management not having a clue. And, I’m a CNN fan so some good, some bad.

    With the FNC haters, it’s all bad all the time with heavy doses of conspiracy theories mixed in. I don’t consider you a Fox hater because you’re typically measured with your criticism and you’re commentary isn’t 100% negative.

  42. Anybody have any idea what planet Sonny Hostin lives on? Cuz, it ain’t 100% on this one. Worst analyst on TV.

  43. Coincidentally, an officer friend of mine just sent me this. I’d heard about it but hadn’t seen it. If y’all haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch.

  44. To the President: you diminish the office by doing interviews like this!

    Castro puts the “Dick” in dictator. Yeah, real classy there Mr. Prez!

  45. I could have predicted some of the negative responses to American Sniper simply due to the way many liberals feel about this country and the military in particular. But, seeing a new story every single day is a little more than I expected.

  46. American Sniper is doing huge business, and seems to be a film which supports whatever viewers’ perceptions of military and war are going in. Which is quite unusual, and worthy of discussion. I’ve seen reactions ranging from “it’s patriotic” to “it shows how devastating war is” to “it glorifies a bad war”. I haven’t seen it, but I’m fascinated that so many people are seeing so many different versions of the same film.

  47. And. for the record, I haven’t seen the movie. I’ll wait until it’s available to stream. I haven’t read the book yet, either. I’ve owned the book since before Kyle was killed and plan on reading it prior to seeing the movie.

  48. I read the book and saw the movie. Remember I live in Madison, Wisconsin (the Berkeley of the Midwest – easily 90% liberal; you may not remember but there was a bombing on our UW campus during the Vietnam war that killed a man – never been even close to being a moderate city).

    The movie theater on a Monday at 4:00pm was sold out and we asked the ticket seller how the movie had done over the weekend. He told us almost every show was sold out over the weekend and it was showing 2 theaters at the cinema complex we went to.

    At the end of the movie there was mostly silence – no booing or out loud comments by anyone.

    Just a story from a city where there is no love of the military. (In our high schools here no military people are allowed during high school career days.)

  49. GloZell answers her moron critics with a helluva lot more class and humor than they deserve.

  50. Chris Hayes played a string of Fox clips announcing this or that was “beneath the dignity of the office” going back 6 years. ‘Cause what were the chances that those blowhards had said the same damn thing a dozen times? Low fruit, people..

  51. Finally watched the YouTube interview. I thought it was fine. Yes, if this had been Meet The Press then I would agree about it being a bit bizarre. But it wasn’t.

    It’s beneath the dignity of the office to be kissing strangers’ babies while on the campaign trail but they’ve all done it. So what? There’s plenty to b!tch about regarding Barack Obama’s policies. B!tchin’ about the president agreeing to a non-standard interview is beneath the dignity of the opposition.

  52. ^ Wisdom, people. It’s a thing.

  53. Why, if I feel strongly about how I believe our President should act, and I state that opinion, do I have no dignity, Al?

    You seem like a nice man, but don’t tell me that I have no dignity because of my opinion. I am old-fashioned that way, that I believe the leader of the free world, has a very different standard he should be held to. I had a problem back with Clinton and the boxers vs. briefs question, too!

  54. “B!tchin’ about the president agreeing to a non-standard interview is beneath the dignity of the opposition.”

    That makes zero sense. It’s a legitimate criticism. A question that’s been asked on FNC, CNN and in the White house briefing room. It’s not just the “opposition” that has asked the question.

  55. I will clarify, Pam. By “opposition” I meant to infer organised opposition – i.e. partisans, paid news channel contributors, opinion programme hosts, etc. Lay individuals expressing an opinion decide their own levels of dignity.

  56. I could live with “beneath the office” – even though it’s obvious it’s just Fox people who think the man’s mere presence in the WH qualifies as “beneath the office – but all the ridiculous “Hey, look at the weird black girl in the tub!” crap is just pandering and stupid. Get a grip, Fox. Or show Megyn’s GQ spread every time you mention a “tough interview” she did.

  57. In the White House briefing room that would be a question asked by members of the White House Press Corps, who all have an interest in keeping access to the president limited. They are free to ask, “Some have called…” but their say-so does not automatically make the question legitimate. There are far more important issues going on that the administration should be held accountable for.

  58. Great. We have: it’s undignified to question whether the POTUS should be interviewed by 3 YouTube celebrities the day after the SOTfreakingU; to it racially racist racisms; to respected journalists are just butt hurt; to there’s more important things; to the obligatory FOX FOX FOX FOX FOX FOX. Oh and probably something about FOX. And there’s gotta be a Megyn Kelly something in there. And Hannity?
    I bet Roger Ailes coordinated the whole thing.
    Cuz, you can be sure if Bush sat with Bufford Bubba, and 2 other YouTube video uploaders immediately following the SOTU, no one would say a peep.

  59. LS, as long as I have breath, I’m not going to be bullied away from criticizing a news channel because some dude doesn’t wanna hear it. You can read the damn comnents, or go read something else. Your choice. I ain’t shuttin’ up.

  60. If factually correct, criticisms that focus on the president avoiding the hard questions of regular news interviews in favour of the softer non-standard ones would certainly be legitimate, and could actually shame him into sitting for more regular interviews. But the “beneath the office” stuff is entirely subjective, which makes it very easy for his defenders to parry the attacks and go on the offence.

  61. Al, Fox doesn’t CARE about legitimate questions of dignity of the office. It’s a pandering game for them and their stupid, cheering audience. Great for ratings, but all this crap is a death knell for the future of conservatism as a general election force. The Republican Party’s favorite channel is securing their doom by alienating so many segments of this country. For ratings.

  62. I would argue that Fox doesn’t care about conservatism, either. Most cable television channels exist in order to profit from the entertainment products they produce.

  63. I wonder what FNC Is going to do with Carol Alt’s show?

    For the last couple of weeks FNC has changed their weekend schedule.
    Even though the schedule is wrong the TV listings providers and my cable box guide have an updated schedule.

    On Saturday at 4pm FNC has replaced A Healthy
    A Healthy You & Carol Alt with live news so they are now live for the hour at 4pm.

    On Sunday FNC has moved the rebroadcast of Sunday Housecall from 4:30pm to 3:30pm and moved live news from 3:30pm to 4pm removing the 4pm broadcast of A Healthy You & Carol Alt for an hour of live news.

    I wonder if this schedule is permanent or not since FNC made sure to send out updated guide data?

  64. imnotblue Says:

    “You can read the damn comnents, or go read something else.”

    The hypocrisy is thick in this thread… Someone open a window.

  65. I got this new thing called HD. Al Jazeera needs to learn what that is.

  66. AJAM looks horrible compared to MSNBC and CNN. Not unwatchable like Joe thinks though. Couple settings make it right.

  67. icemannyr Says:

    FiOS had AJAM in SD at first then a couple months later added the HD feed.
    The problem with AJAM SD is the feed is full screen not letterboxed like the other news channel SD feeds.
    The need to format the framing for HD and letterbox the SD feed.

  68. The hypocrisy is thick in this thread… Someone open a window.

    Oh look, more trolling from a member of the Fox Cult. I’m tired of talking to you morons.

  69. imnotblue Says:

    I respond:

    You can read the damn comnents, or go read something else. Your choice. I ain’t shuttin’ up.

  70. Blue….LOL thanks!!!

  71. As you know, INB, that little guy is really, really angry person. It amazes me that he’s never been banned. Especially considering Lynn has.

  72. ^ There’s your official lineup of reprobate morons with no actual interest in cable news beyond trolling for imagined “Fox haters” like programmed cult members. You deserve each other.

  73. And with that, I say goodbye. You trolls have been trying to turn ICN into a clone of the rancid Dollar’s Place for years, and I’m wasting my life trying to stay on topic. You’re not interested in the topic, so knock yourselves out. I’m going to move on, and move away from crazies who will actually chase people around the internet in some bizarre defense of a TV NETWORK. There are no words for how strange that is, and I’ve put up with it for too long. Good. Bye.

  74. imnotblue Says:

    This is the best birthday I’ve ever had!

  75. It’s funny because no one ever posts anything about how awesome FNC is on this site just out of the blue. Quite the opposite; for the anti-Fox cult, EVERYTHING is about FNC or somehow gets spun to include FNC. People like myself defend FNC and point out the weird obsession that some have with FNC. That results in charges of being a “moron”, “racist”, “worshipper” or someone who “chants”.

    But it’s us who are the bad guy simply because we don’t go along with the crazy conspiracy theories advanced by a couple people on this board. It’s weird that they think they have their own little gang. And if you’re a fan of FNC, you’re just not worthy. It’s typical leftist attitude of “I’m smarter than you”.

    And for the record, I don’t include either fritz or Ice in my above “chant”. They’re thoughtful, honest liberals who are capable of discussing FNC without spinning weird conspiracy theories or whining about how blonde Megyn Kelly’s hair is.

  76. “That should leave you clear to endlessly worship Fox,”

    That is such an out there comment. Worshipping Fox apparently means defending the network from the continuous attacks from a few people on this site who want the site to be MediaMatters2.

  77. Well let remember Goodbye boy has said goodbye at least 3 times that I can remember and came back every time…….once within 6 hours……..I mean he calls J$ place a dump but cant stop posting there…….when hes not banned.

    I would hate to see the others leave…….with the exception of the hate for Fox News we agree on most stuff. They make you think and I learn things from their posts.

  78. Reading the comments on all the mediaite stories about American Sniper, it’s disheartening to see just how many liberals truly despise the military. The hate towards soldiers or in the case of Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL, just doing their job is astounding. The left has always been stereotyped as being anti-military but I don’t think I ever realized just how many there actually were.

    The whole “we don’t support the war but we support the troops” is a great big lie for many. Especially in the Hollywood and media crowd.

  79. Pam: Lynn is Laura. Back with a different name after being banned.

  80. Better idea: How about the people who rarely comment here, except to start fights with other posters, leave.

  81. Wipam, I think I’m authorized to speak for Andy. Andy rarely comments on here because of the reasons KMA stated.

  82. icemannyr Says:

    I pretty much agree. For years I got yelled at because I dare say Megyn Kelly was showing a bias on her old afternoon show.
    The FOX Hater with ah obsession about FNC responses got old real fast.
    There is no obsession about FNC. I talk about cable news.

    I’m pretty much done here since the only people still posting here or not bannd just want to defend any comments about FNC.

    On a semi related note,
    when you talk about FNC on twitter with others and one person keeps jumping in to defend them I do find that a bit strange.

    I don’t go around checking other people’s conversations on twitter so I can defend a cable news network.

  83. Clearly criticizing Fox ‘News’ is a sin or something. When a person criticizes Fox, some here feel obligated to not only defend Fox but attack and abuse the critic. When the same critic criticizes say CNN or MSNBC, it’s okay, so no attacks or abuse.

    Just for fun, Fox ‘News’ is evil and the handiwork of Satan.

  84. Ok…Larry’s been tossed. Twice. Nixon left. Laura got banned, snuck back in, got banned again, told me off in an email last night and then promptly tried to sneak back again today and got banned again. Joe decided he had enough and said he’s walking…again. I’ve decided that he should walk and won’t let him back in if he changes his mind.

    That should clear the deck of most of the trouble around here unless Laura keeps trying to sneak back in.

    I’m going to repeat what I said on Dollar’s site today. The people waging this war are idiots. You want the nonsense and personal attacks to end but you do NOTHING to make it stop. It doesn’t matter who started it or what was said or why. It takes TWO to sustain it. Every snide remark, every sarcastic reply, every inference sustains it.

    Ice and others have a point. Not all FNC criticism is based on FNC hate yet some people inexplicably take it that way. No network is without fault or flaws.

    I realize it’s not 2007 anymore and the internet, especially where media and the discussion of such are concerned, has turned personally ideological. Hell even Mediaite, which has done as much as anyone to turn up the ideological heat with the way they’ve gone about what to highlight all in the desire to pursue hit counts, has posted a few “cease and desist” type warnings about the commentary there.

    ICN will never attain “Peace Out” status in the comments. Conflicts will erupt. I realize all that. But there reaches a point in every argument where further arguing is meaningless. Then it is time to say “we agree to disagree” and move on.

    Larry made a suggestion recently…that Free for All is part of the problem and maybe it should go away. I came up with that catch all feature as a means to keep the comments going on slow news days. But it may have outlived its usefulness.

    I’m going to take a wait and see attitude. If things don’t calm down around here the next step will be to toss Free for All and install a zero tolerance policy regarding off topic discussions.

    I hope I don’t have to go there but it’s all up to you.

  85. Your foray into J$’s comment section did serve to highlight your point on how directly engaging those who criticise will only stir up stronger criticisms. That didn’t go well.

    Dumping Free For All would certainly go a long way toward eliminating most criticisms of Fox News, which was far more the impetus of drama around here than any of the cast-away individuals have been. Larry suggested? Interesting.

    As for Pam’s deleted question, I’ll decide for myself if I want to comment. If I do you’ll see it and if I don’t you won’t.

  86. I am truly confused. Why was my asking if Joe had the authority to comment for others so offensive that it had to be pulled? I thought all people who posted here were adults and fully capable of posting for themselves and not having others speak for them?

  87. imnotblue Says:

    Um… can we talk about something more important… I said it was my birthday, and nobody gave me any nice wishes. Yeesh. Talk about rude!


    But seriously, we tried the “ignore it and it will go away,” and it only got worse. How many times do we get called “idiots” and “morons” before enough is enough? I know Lone and I were actively ignoring that for a while, but when the rudeness only continues, why is it on us to pretend like we don’t see it?

    Look, I’ve been here longer than most (since the ICN 1.0 days), and there has always been a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions. This isn’t Mediaite or TVN, which is mostly populated by trolls and ideologues… this is supposed to be a little more thoughtful. That’s why the frequent, “Ooooh, look what FNC/MSNBC/CNN did” taddle, is out of place. Here we talk about the actually important decisions and strategies of cable news, not the “Did you hear what XYZ said?” political back-and-forth.

    Hopefully, we can get back to those goals without the name-calling and perpetual outrage that infects serious discussions.

  88. I am truly confused. Why was my asking if Joe had the authority to comment for others so offensive that it had to be pulled? I thought all people who posted here were adults and fully capable of posting for themselves and not having others speak for them?

    It got yanked as I was cleaning up all the traces of Laura’s last break in attempt. Had nothing to do with your question.

  89. Thank you for the explanation.

  90. Seems pretty clear that those with anger issues cause the majority of the problems. I’ve never had issues with fritz or ice because they’re not angry. Their comments ate typically measured and more substantive than “you’re an idiot” or “you don’t like black people”.

    It wasn’t about defending Fox. It was about pointing out the obsession, anger and weird conspiratorial nature of the comments.

    Fritz and ice show respect for the other commenters here. The 2 that have been banned do not.

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