Flying the Ideological Skies…

Jeff Edwards has a story on FlyerTalk about United Airlines not paying attention to what it was walking in to…

United insists that neither the decision to choose Newsmax as a default channel, nor the decision to remove the network as a default channel had any political motivations.

“The default channel on our in-flight live television service changes periodically based on marketing agreements between the Live TV service provider, television programmers and United,” United spokesman Rahsaan Johnson told the Chicago Tribune. “The next change to the default channel is scheduled for early February — a change that has been planned for several weeks.”


2 Responses to “Flying the Ideological Skies…”

  1. Grandpa Dave Says:

    United makes some money with the default channel setting. I don’t begrudge them that. Is it that difficult to change the channel once your seated?

  2. Usually the “default” channels I’ve seen are ones that advertise the airline or the flight path.

    I was on a flight (Jet Blue) last week, and the “default” was NYTimes TV… which was just general short human interest stories that looped over and over again.

    I get the financial benefit of a “default” channel (they pay you for the privileged), but something so as purposely ideological as NewsMax seems like a bad decision, making the “default” concept perhaps a poor decision.

    Stick with the flight path… let people find their own programming.

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