Mediaite’s Joe Concha writes about The Weather Channel taking the day off from the upcoming mega snowstorm that’s coming to the north east, thus saving me the time of having to write it…

Uh…OK. Can you maybe…I don’t know…call a production crew and anchor in to expand on this on television a bit further? Because if I ran a network whose existence, its ratings, its entire mantra is based on preparing for storms like this, I’d probably be on a phone right now. To that end, here’s what Mr. Cantore said during a dispute with DirecTV last year:

I feel it’s just irresponsible for DIRECTV to drop The Weather Channel and deny their viewers access to critical and potentially life-saving information in times of severe weather. I think it’s a dangerous gamble to put lives at risk for a penny.
That dispute was settled (TWC got less than that penny) but Cantore and the network haven’t learned its lesson. Its ratings continue to drop because it thinks running taped programming leading up to historic weather events is somehow a good idea. MSNBC apparently thinks the same thing, as it is offering up Caught on Camera (tape), while Fox and CNN are providing regular updates on the storm.

A missed opportunity for ratings. A missed opportunity to grab some viewers to help save a sinking ship. The Weather Channel website is telling us to prepare for the next storm of the century.

The Weather Channel itself? Apparently saving its resources for a rainy day.


One Response to “MIA…”

  1. I checked out Concha’s article at

    I found this comment highly amusing:

    “Joe – its going to snow – a lot!!!!
    Stay inside.

    Honorable Mention
    “If you want to know the weather, look out your window. There’s also a new thing called the internet.”

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