FBN Screws The West Coast With Strange Inheritance…(Updated)

FBN’s Strange Inheritance premieres tonight but I won’t get to see it. I want to see it. But it’s airing at 9pm ET which puts it smack dab in the middle of the most contested time of day for my DVR…the 6pm PST hour when local news rules. Not a problem right? There’ll be a 9pm PST repeat right?

Wrong. FBN is not re-airing it at 9pm PST. In fact FBN isn’t re-airing it at all after 7pm PST. At 9pm FBN is slotting the Kennedy repeat and after that it’s infomercials. Way to screw the west coast…

Hopefully it will re-air later in the week and not at 6pm PST. Otherwise I’ll never get to see it.

Update: There is some question about whether the schedule I saw last night was accurate or not. According to today’s online FBN schedule it was supposed to re-air at Midnight. My DirecTV schedule said otherwise. Unless someone who saw it air last night at Midnight PST chimes in I’ll never know for sure.

Having said that, the online schedule for the channels are fed to DirecTV and I’ve seen those schedules change and add last second programming changes with less than 12 hours notice. If the show did air at Midnight last night, I find it hard to believe DirecTV screwed it up given what I mentioned earlier. It’s possible, but doesn’t seem likely.

4 Responses to “FBN Screws The West Coast With Strange Inheritance…(Updated)”

  1. “Hopefully it will re-air later in the week and not at 6pm PST. Otherwise I’ll never get to see it.”

    ^^Maybe they’ll post it online.

  2. harry1420 Says:

    fbn still on the air?!?

  3. Fritz, I don’t want online. I want TV!

    haha…Harry. Very funny. Fox is very serious about FBN. They may not be tearing it up in the ratings but the corporation is fully behind the channel and continues to invest in its future. Whether it will be successful depends on what your definition of successful is. Supposedly FBN is either already profitable or will be this year so that’s one measure of success. In terms of displacing CNBC the way FNC displaced CNN…there’s still a lot of work to do there.

  4. “Fritz, I don’t want online. I want TV!”

    ^^Sorry Spud; I thought you actually wanted to see the show and not just commenting on FBN’s lack of nationwide coverage. 😉

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