Free for All: 01/26/15

What’s on your mind?


10 Responses to “Free for All: 01/26/15”

  1. Really, our President pulling the gum out of his mouth in front of the Indian Prime Minister?

    What a tool!

  2. Keep free for all!

  3. savefarris Says:

    Free for Alls aren’t fair. After all, why should it still be free if you’re in the Top 1%?

  4. Been away from cable news coverage most of the day. Is CNN going non-stop with snowmaggedon?


    Watching this segment last night, I didn’t pick up on any jealousy or animosity. It was light hearted and fun. But, then again, I’m not a trained Fox News decipherer.

  6. “But, then again, I’m not a trained Fox News decipherer.”

    ^^You just play one on ICN 2.0. 😉

    It looked like Bill sandbagged her with the segment but I thought Kelly handled him really well. I don’t think Billo is jealous of Kelly; that would require you to think his ego was capable of that emotion. He probably thinks the ratings are fixed and he really won the demo she is credited with winning. I don’t think the fact she beat him could even computes in his brain. 🙂

  7. I could actually see Bill being upset about the ratings part and subsequently, us seeing less and less of Megyn on O’Reilly’s program. But, strictly regarding the NYT piece, it seemed all in fun, to me.

  8. Hannity introduced Palin as a “Fox News Contributor”. Is that accurate?

  9. “Hannity introduced Palin as a “Fox News Contributor”. Is that accurate?”

    ^^Just a guess but if memory serves Ailes has a chat with those who might run for POTUS and only makes those who are serious about running leave the network. Huckabee would fall into that category. Those like Palin, Trump, or Bolton who are obviously self promoting and not serious can stay.

  10. I didn’t realize she was still contributor regardless of her future plans. She went after BOR pretty good on Hannity tonight.

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