Jamie Colby Interview…

There’s going to be quite a few of these Colby interviews as FBN debuts Strange Inheritance tonight but this Lloyd Grove Daily Beast profile goes a lot deeper than your average interview…

By her early twenties she was married, a member of the California bar, and toiling in the law firm of Henry Bushkin—that is, Johnny Carson’s personal attorney, confidant and tennis partner of “Bombastic Bushkin” fame.

“I’d sent out a billion resumes,” Colby recalls. “I was sitting in somebody’s office and Henry walked in and said, ‘Hey kid, what are you doing here?’ I said, ‘I’m getting ready to graduate and looking to work for a law firm.’

He said, ‘Come see me tomorrow.’ I did, and the next thing I know I’m at The Tonight Show and having lunch with Johnny at The Grill at Table 43”—often accompanied by Bushkin, but sometimes just Carson, America’s biggest TV star.

“He took me under his wing, and I have to say, I was very lucky—I just jumped right in,” recalls Colby, who says she occasionally negotiated on Carson’s behalf with NBC, conferred with Standards and Practices, offered the star business advice, and helped Carson Productions with the acquisition of radio stations and the deal to produce the cult classic The Big Chill.

Colby attended every Tonight Show taping, and greeted celebrity guests while getting to know David Letterman—whom she recalls as painfully shy—and Joan Rivers, a Bushkin law firm client.

5 Responses to “Jamie Colby Interview…”

  1. Welcome Cecelia. Glad you decided to comment here. I didn’t think you would based on yesterday.

    I too was amazed by her resume. I really had no idea that it was that broad and deep. I must confess I miss Jamie not anchoring on FNC weekends. It just hasn’t been the same since she left and I wish she was back though I can think of one ex-prosecutor who did cartwheels when her replacement showed up…

  2. Thanks, Spud. Frankly, I wouldn’t have thought Colby old enough to have been out of law school during the Carson show years.

    Unfortunately, that factor may play into our surprise over her resume.

  3. Guys, check facts. Jamie Colby “…helped Carson Productions with… the deal to produce the cult classic The Big Chill”. Since Colby was born in 1970 (at the end of 1970, specifically December 21, according to Wikipedia) and “The Big Chill” was released on September 30,1983 according to imdb…Jamie Colby would not have yet reached her 13th birthday when “The Big Chill” was released, much less when the production deal was signed. She helped Carson negotiate a major movie production deal when she was 12 years old? I don’t think so.

  4. Which raises the question…
    “What else is she lying about?”

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