More CNN Storm Silliness…

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple writes about CNN once again having a reporter drive around in a snowstorm…to show how dangerous it is to drive in a snowstorm.

Today there’s a new storm to cover, and again Boston is in the cross hairs. To show readers what serious visibility and driving difficulties have resulted from the storm, CNN again took to the highways. In a just-concluded segment, CNN correspondent Brian Todd reported on “white-out conditions” around Lawrence, Mass. Addressing CNN host Carol Costello, Todd went from a stand-up in the midst of the storm to the passenger seat of a car equipped with a CNN dashboard camera.

Up next: CNN will have a reporter chop off one of their fingers cutting vegetables to show how dangerous it can be to cut vegetables…


2 Responses to “More CNN Storm Silliness…”

  1. It reminds me of all those nuts who surf in a hurricane. It’s also really risky for CNN as if there was ever an accident and either the reporter, driver and/or someone else was injured or killed there would be hell to pay for the network.

  2. That’s not really true though. Surfers rarely surf at the high point of the Hurricane especially if it’s over Cat 1. They’ll surf before the worst of it hits and after the worst of it passes. The ocean is unsurfable most of the time during a hurricane anyways because the surf is closing out and you can’t drop in.

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