Free for All: 02/04/15

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  1. savefarris Says:

    Jon Stewart spent last night’s program blasting Christie/Paul (and Republicans in general) over Vaccine-gate. Funny … this clip didn’t make it into the conversation:–kennedy–jr-

  2. Predictably, the media is trying to turn the vaccine story into an attack on conservatives/Republicans. It’s what they do.

    In a rare moment of fairness, Brian Williams noted yesterday that the “liberal” NYT unfairly attacked Republicans over this issue. I did a double take when I saw that clip.

  3. Fox News aired a still from the ISIL propaganda video during “Special Report” and then posted the entire video on their website (front page) today.

    Irony, this is the same Fox News that has falsely claimed, repeatedly, that Al Jazeera aired beheading videos from Iraq in 2004.


    Really not much of a surprise. Obama has shown his true colors before with the “stupid cop”, “my son would look like Trayvon”, “typical white person” , etc. comments.

  5. “posted the entire video on their website (front page) today.”

    ^^Wow! that’s just gross. Is that even legal?

  6. savefarris Says:

    Democrats, fresh off the ‘Ready for Wendy’ debacle, are now contemplating Grayson for Senate.

    Lord, I don’t ask for much, but if you could do me a solid … PLEASE make this happen!

  7. “Obama has shown his true colors before”

    ^^ LOL! And what color would that be LS?

  8. “^^Wow! that’s just gross. Is that even legal?”
    I don’t have a problem with it and I’m not sure why you’d think it would be illegal?

    “^^ LOL! And what color would that be LS?”
    Far left racialist with special decoder talents. You know like Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Tommy Christopher and other racial cranks.

  9. good piece on the sudden “vaccine debate” and the predictable media bias that goes along with it:

  10. “I don’t have a problem with it and I’m not sure why you’d think it would be illegal?”

    ^^You obviously have a stronger stomach than me. Can you explain the reason why showing a video of someone burning to death in a cage is proper for a TV network to show, even online? Why do you need to see the burning body? As for the legality I thought there were laws against showing snuff films and torture on TV but that’s just me.

  11. You don’t need to see it. They’re not forcing you to watch it. But, it’s there if you want to see it. In general (with some caveats), I’m for making these things available. They are definitely newsworthy as it shows the sheer barbarism of these people.

    Regarding the legality, I understand what you’re getting at now. Thanks for the clarification. Though I disagree. But, unlike Harvey Levin, I’m NOT a lawyer!

    Curious, is it just the way the pilot died? CNN (and everybody else) is showing the plane crash from yesterday over and over. Many more people perished in that in what I would imagine was just as terrifying an experience. Just because we didn’t see the faces of the actual victims, does that make it that much better? I would argue no.

  12. “good piece on the sudden “vaccine debate” and the predictable media bias that goes along with it:”

    ^^Good article. A bit biased but expected from that site.

    As far as I can tell the latest ‘vaccine debate’ started with the now debunked piece in The Lancet in 1998. Jenny McCarthy promoted the premise and it was taken up by other celebs, like Matt Lauer, on both the right and left.

    Why it proved to be a problem for the Republicans is that, after the latest outbreak some, in the fringe libertarian wing of the party, took up the anti vaccine meme again. This provoked reporters to ask possible POTUS candidates what their views on the subject were. Most dealt well with the question well (see Marco Rubio), but a few, like Paul, Christie and Cruz, decided to pander to the libertarian wing of the party and got caught.

    It’s a version of the same problem they had with the Ebola virus and I expect it will be repeated many times in the next year as the competing agendas of the various wings (libertarian, establishment, pro-business, evangelical, Tea Party, pro military etc.) of the Republican party compete in the primaries.

  13. I don’t think Rand Paul is pandering to anybody. He’s just about as libertarian as they come though not quite as nuts as his pops. I would expect Paul to be against government forced vaccinations as he’s against government forced everything.

    As for Christie, I don’t know how what he said is remotely controversial. He said the least controversial thing you can say. But, the media turned it into their own meme.

    I haven’t read/seen what Cruz said.

  14. “(with some caveats)”

    ^^What caveats? I can’t imagine what would make you ban showing the video if burning a man to death is fine with you. If it were an American victim that would make a difference to you? Or American perpetrators like at Abu Ghraib. It shouldn’t because that would mean you feel it’s OK to show people dying horribly as long as they are the correct race and religion.

  15. “were an American victim that would make a difference to you?”
    should read:
    were an American victim; would that make a difference to you?

  16. caveats:
    -I wouldn’t broadcast it on TV
    -Random act of violence: some nut burning alive some random person they kidnapped. This case isn’t a random act of violence. It has political/national/multi-national/short-term/long-term/national defense implications. It stems from an ideology that way too many people adhere to. Which makes it newsworthy.

    AbuGharib – a few soldiers did some stupid things for which they were sent to prison and dishonorably discharged from the military. They didn’t kill anybody much less burn them alive. That’s a ridiculous comparison. Over a million (i’ve read 2.5MM) Americans served in Iraq & Afghanistan. A handful did something dumb. Something that wasn’t celebrated by their peers or their leaders.

  17. So when the remaining American hostage held by ISIS is murdered on video you’ll be OK with broadcasting the video? I’m pretty sure won’t be showing it.

    I think this whole thing is going to be problematic for FNC (and their Republican masters) as they didn’t show the beheadings of Americans and Brits but, to the best of my knowledge, seem perfectly fine with showing an Arab Muslim being burned alive even though the circumstances surrounding his death were identical to that of the Americans and Brits.

    For example (just like in the vaccine meme) how do the Republican POTUS candidates respond when reporters ask them if they approve of showing this video? How do the more non-ideological hosts, like Shep, Wallace, Greta etc., respond to the video being shown. We’ll see.

  18. I really don’t care what videos puts up as long as they’re instructive and/or newsworthy.
    I honestly don’t know how you jump to the “they put it up because he’s a muslim” angle. I can’t imagine that’s the thought process of very many people. That angle would never cross my mind. I think most people are like me and don’t look at the victim as a “muslim”; they look at him as a victim of crazed terrorists. I’m honestly dumbfounded at that line of thinking.
    And, I have no idea why reporters would ask potential Republican candidates about something that does. Though most journalists are liberal, I don’t think the mainstream ones buy into the conspiracy theories of the anti-FNCers who think FNC controls the Republican party or shot JFK or whatever. I would think a question like that would be asked by some random blogger or an off-the-wall MSNBCer – meaning, nobody that a potential candidate would give the time of day to.

  19. ….” “broadcasting” the video”.

    They are NOT broadcasting the video. They are making it available for those that may want to watch it. Two very different things. Broadcasting it would be on TV and on the website it your CHOICE as to whether you want to watch it. Or are liberals against choice now?

  20. “I honestly don’t know how you jump to the “they put it up because he’s a muslim” angle.”

    ^^Well LS if they had put the beheadings of the Americans and Brits online you would have a point. Because they didn’t you don’t. When FNC puts online a video of someone other than an Arab Muslim then you will be right and I will be wrong.

    “have no idea why reporters would ask potential Republican candidates about something that does.”

    ^^Question to Republican Congressman, Senator, Governor, or POTUS candidate: Do you agree that the video of the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot should be available on US cable news websites like Fox It could also be asked of FNC hosts.
    Yes it’s a gotcha question, but that’s what reporters do. It will happen.

  21. I’m still not getting the Muslim angle. At least the why behind it. What would be FNCs motivation? Why would they not show a video of a non Muslim – assuming others weren’t Muslim – I have no idea their religions. And the pilots religion is the furthest thing from my mind. And most others, I would presume.

  22. First Hilary Clinton. Now Brian Williams. Geez. What’s wrong with these people? Holy sh!t storm of it were a FNC personality. LOL.

  23. LS: Williams lied about being shot at for 12 YEARS! Who does that?

  24. Did Brian Williams address it on his newscast tonight? I haven’t seen anything on mediaite or elsewhere if he did.

    And, you don’t misremember whether you were on a freaking helicopter that hit with an RPG. If you were, you’d remember it…forever.

  25. BOR doing segment on best & worst commercials. 2nd best was the “throw like a girl” ad. That ad was ridiculous because…if girls have confidence problems it’s not because some boy is telling another boy he throws like a girl. It’s because girls can be very very mean to each other.

  26. imnotblue Says:

    Yes it’s a gotcha question, but that’s what reporters do. It will happen.

    Well… it “will happen” because this is on the right-side of the aisle.

    Because THAT’S what reporters do.

  27. LS: he did address it on TV last night but boy he used weasly language to apologize.

    ” I was in a following aircraft.”

    He also posted something to his Facebook page which also used the same weasly language.

    He was in a freaking helicopter that landed 30-60 minutes AFTER the group of Chinooks that got hit!

  28. MJ discussed showing the burning pilot video and I found it hard to take. The consensus seemed to be that networks should show more of this video to show the evil behind it.

    They discussed other videos that have or have not been shown and the reasons for those decisions. The problem I have is they compared this video to others about the 911 plane crashes, Pearl Harbour, WWII concentration camps and even the pastor that burned the Koran. But all studiously avoided mentioning the real comparison which is the ISIS beheading videos.

    In the end; although I don’t agree with showing the video because I think it’s just gratuitous, I don’t really care all that much if they do or do not show this video.

    I don’t buy the liberal propaganda argument so my only real caveat for showing this video is that they show the beheading videos as well. Otherwise you’re just saying it’s OK to show horrific videos as long as the victim isn’t American; which is exactly what I think is happening here.

  29. As these interviews/stories keep coming out regarding Brian Williams lying about being hit with an RPG and fearing for his life, I don’t see how he stays in the anchor chair. He’s got zero credibility. Interesting to see what NBC does.

  30. LS: please don’t hold your breath about anything happening to Brian Williams. This whole thing will blow over in a few days. He is a really good guy and people should have no problem with a news anchor making sh*t up. (Sarcasm alert)

  31. savefarris Says:

    spud brings up Geraldo’s “Adventures in Afghanistan” episode as it relates to Chinook-gate. However, there are a few differences:

    * Geraldo was/is a reporter. Williams is the Lead Anchor and Managing Editor of the entire NBC News department.
    * Geraldo didn’t perpetrate the lie for over a decade.
    *It’s freakin’ Geraldo!

  32. You’re probably right, Pam. NBC likely feels they can ride out the storm. I doubt there will be a ton of outrage except from a few folks. I don’t see media critics like Brian Stelter (or any other MSMer) pushing it too hard the way he/they would if it were say, Bill O’Reilly. There will be a few outliers in the MSM who see this for what it is. But, in general, most will protect their own and save their true outrage for the next FNC faux scandal.

  33. I bet Williams is sitting there thinking, “Steve Kroft got away with lying and being disreputable… why are you guys talking about meeeeee?”

  34. It’s amazing how liberals and media people react to leaders in media compared to leaders of industry. They wanted Roger Goodell’s head on a platter based on allegations – which have since been proven false. They attack the Koch Brothers for being libertarians. They attack Chick Fil A for being Christian.

    Lying about being in a helicopter that was hit by an RPG and fearing for your life is a big a$$ lie. It comes pretty close to falling under stolen valor.

  35. Reportedly, the pilot of the helicopter that Williams was in says that it did indeed take fire but not specifically what Williams said, e.g., an RPG round.

    Another example of why one needs to hold ones fire first. These things always change on Day Two from what we think we know on Day One.

    Williams may be guilty of exaggeration but not outright falsehoods.


  36. ^ Good point. But, if he reportedly accurately relayed the story at the beginning, on air (I haven’t seen the video); why would he suddenly change it?

  37. Well, just saw the original story. Gretchen Carlson just showed a video timeline of BW’s changing story. Pretty devastating, IMO.

  38. Tapper had the pilot on who confirmed that the helicopter took fire.

    That’s good enough, it seems to me, to save Williams’ job. He may have to issue some more mea culpas about getting the details wrong; but if the essential story is true – the helicopter he was in took fire – then I can’t see him being dismissed.

    Again, who knows what Day #3 reveals? But at this stage I think he’s safe. And should be. Based on this.

  39. So, was Joe the shark on the left or was that Laura?

    That’s a called a posting palate cleanser.

  40. Brian Williams is on the Board of Directors of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

    Think those guys who win the Medal lie about what they went through? Most times, they downplay what happened and what role they played.!board-of-directors/cq1q

  41. “Again, who knows what Day #3 reveals?”
    Hah. True.

    As for being fired, not being fired, I really don’t care as I don’t watch NBC Nightly News anymore. I’m just amazed how his story changed, over time, to make it look like he was in considerably more danger than he was. To me, it shows flat out dishonesty.

    You don’t know that you weren’t in a helicopter that got with an RPG, forget, and then misremember that you were. And the video timeline of his recounting the story shows precisely that.

    Also, I read a story from Variety that said NBC brass had warned him to stop repeating the story in public.

  42. So, was Joe the shark on the left or was that Laura?

    That’s a called a posting palate cleanser.

    Erich I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt this time that you didn’t see me chew Lonestar out for similarly keeping this subject alive with similar backhanded trolling tactics.

    But to be clear…this subject is over. Done. Finito. I don’t want to see it brought up in the comments any more. Move on…

  43. savefarris Says:

    Just another reminder that if you ever dare oppose Obama, the MSM will investigate the crap out of you:

  44. Joe Scarborough takes fire from all sides but sometimes he hits it out of the park. This is one of those times:

    Best part: “Sometimes you have to wonder where he went to Church. Where would you learn this stuff”?

  45. CNN analyst just stated that the female hostage may have been treated better because she’s a woman.

    Okay, it’s possible. But, what makes anyone think ISIS would treat women better than men? In any situation? And, unfortunately, her being a female subjects her to even more potential abuse.

  46. They sure don’t treat children well. Anyone seen the summary of the UN report? These ISLAMISTS don’t give ANYONE any special treatment. You don’t agree with us? You’re a goner – they just need to decide how you’re going to go.

  47. Dr. Ben Carson has been placed on the “extremist watch list” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Rational people see the SPLC as an extremist organization itself. But that doesn’t stop CNN, MSNBC, etc. from giving credence to the nutty rantings of Mark Potok.

  48. “Rational people” or as I like to say anyone who thinks like I do. 🙂

    ^^But that doesn’t stop CNN, MSNBC, etc. from giving credence to the nutty rantings of Mark Potok.”

    ^^It’s just a counterbalance to FNC giving credence to the nutty rantings of Ben Carson. 😉

  49. No, rational people refers to people who don’t equate Ben Carson with domestic terrorists. It’s insane.

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