Williams Ordered to Take Time Off?

FTVLive is reporting that Brian’s decision wasn’t really Brian’s decision…

“Brian was basically told that he is taking time off,” said a NBC staffer to FTVLive.

Williams released a statement earlier today that said he was going to step away from Nightly News for “several days.”

NBC insiders tell FTVLive that although they like Brian Williams, they really feel like there is no way Williams can survive this. They feel that his reputation and that of the news division are too damaged right now.

“The only way we (NBC News) recovers is if Brian resigns,” said one NBC insider to FTVLive.

I still think it’s survivable as long as all the digging that’s going on doesn’t turn up more examples of Williams inaccurate statements. But the signs do seem to point to the notion that NBC isn’t too keen on that strategy…


3 Responses to “Williams Ordered to Take Time Off?”

  1. Spud – why do you give Scott any space? He throws a ton of stuff at the wall, most of it wrong — entirely so he can dance up and down when you sorta guesses at getting something right. He has zero credibility. He makes BriWi look credible… and that’s hard to do this week.

  2. He doesn’t have a perfect batting average and I take a dim view of some of his “absolute certainties” which take half a year or longer to finally come to pass. But he’s right far more often than he’s wrong.

  3. He lost me with the BS around The Wrap and New Day. The Wrap had the rumblings first… then his little blog… then The Wrap had definitive news. And he flipped out that he had it first but didn’t bother to go look at the archive. ZERO credibility.

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