Williams Williams Williams

I’m running out of creative titles so that will have to do. The New York Daily News’ Don Kaplan, David Hinkley, and Corky Siemaszko write about..uh..someting…I forget…

Also, Ben Sherwood, the president of Disney-ABC Television Group, has put together a “secret task force” to comb through years of footage to see if Williams has told any other tall tales, the sources said. ABC officials strongly denied the task force’s existence.

The scandal has left the reporters and producers who work with Williams “shocked, furious and sad.” And they fear that the reputation of an anchor many considered “the most trusted name in news” has been wrecked, the sources said.

Seems unlikely. This is one of those stories you don’t need to juice. But that doesn’t mean Sherwood isn’t that conniving…

Williams made no mention of the swirling controversy in his Friday newscast and sources said he continues to man the chair because NBC has not groomed anyone to succeed him.

Lester Holt is considered “more of a cable guy,” they said. And the other option would be replacing him on an interim basis with “Today” show hosts Matt Lauer or Savannah Guthrie.

Lester Holt is a “cable guy”? WTF? He’s on Weekend Today. He’s on Dateline. He’s on Weekend Nightly. What channel does those programs air on? Not MSNBC…


3 Responses to “Williams Williams Williams”

  1. Maybe Lester is too principled for the honchos at NBC.
    So let’s denigrate the guy and call him a “cable guy”.
    I think the word as*holes comes to mind.

  2. The last 10 years of NBC operation should someday provide a case study in how to completely tarnish a brand. From the crazy that MSNBC has become to inserting David Gregory in the MTP chair to Brian William’s apparent habitual lying problem. And, everything in between.

  3. Sorry Lonestar but you can’t go back that far. Maybe five to seven. But not 10.

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