CNN’s Quiz Show…

TKNN has details on CNN’s upcoming quiz show…

CNN has unveiled two new promos for its Presidents Day quiz game, appropriately titled CNN Quiz Show. There is the above video plus another, similar video that is running on CNN airwaves. A few weeks ago, CNN announced the game show with few details except that Anderson Cooper would be hosting and it would be airing on Presidents Day. We now know that CNN anchors will be the contestants in a team format. The teams will also be playing for a charity. The three teams are:

Jake Tapper and Alisyn Camerota who are playing for Homes for Our Troops which builds special houses for injured veterans.
John Berman and Erin Burnett
Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon

The quiz show is being labeled as the Presidents Day edition, allowing for more quiz shows to possibly occur. This current iteration is focusing on the Presidents of the United States.

2 Responses to “CNN’s Quiz Show…”

  1. So, Steve Kornacki is does a parody of Jeopardy on MSNBC then Anderson Cooper is does a parody of Family Feud CNN. What’s next; Billo does a parody of The Price is Right on FNC.

  2. No, FNC could do a Match game parody with the 7 people from the Five

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