Free for All: 02/09/15

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  1. What’s the latest with Brian Williams, Spud? 🙂

  2. Grandpa Dave Says:

    I’m trying to clear my mind of Brian Williams. Will he stay? Will he go? Did he misremember? Did he lie? Was he forced to take a hiatus? Did he decide on his own to stay off the air? Information overload.

    My feelings are best summed up by the parting line of Rhett Butler.

  3. I thought morning joe did a good job of covering the Williams ordeal this morning. They admitted their bias and defended the man. Though it seems my opinion is the minority.

  4. It was to be expected that this news story would have at least one more day of significant coverage at the NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, HuffPost and Fox News given the developments over the weekend.

    I suspect what the NBC brass, the Nightly News fans and many others are now wondering is how this plays out the rest of the week — especially Tuesday and Wednesday.

    My opinion is that the majority of the country may not be nearly as interested as those in the media driving this story.

    We’ll just have to wait and see. Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be particularly interesting.

  5. savefarris Says:

    Chris Hayes, Ezra Klein, and Matthew Yglesias all on the screen at the same time.


  6. I finally saw the Melissa Harris Perry clip asking Holder to quack like a duck. Amazingly, it was even worse than I could have pictured. One of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen.

    You can’t convince me that these people at msNBC don’t harm the reputation of NBC as a whole. But, I hear she’s super, super smart!

  7. The BW saga now reminds me of Imus. The media loves to report on the media. Not sure this will go away.

  8. David Zumawik comes off as someone who wishes he would have went into tv. A hater.

  9. MHP interview was just so sad. There is appropriate anchor behavior and inappropriate anchor behavior and this was, IMO, really inappropriate. I really don’t care for Eric a Holder but I think he handled that weirdness as well as possible.

  10. Not sure why I like Alyson Camerota better on CNN than I did on FNC. Jon Avlon is still incredibly awful though.

    Agreed Pam, regarding Holder.

  11. savefarris Says:

    1 of 2:

    Remember when Rachel Maddow took Mitt Romney to task over Dodd/Frank (Item #2)?

  12. Wow! Just wow!
    Catherine Herridge just reported that 8, REPEAT 8 hostages were all in one place at one time. The Obama administration knew that but waited 7 WEEKS to act on that intelligience. As she said, information like that is “perishable” and needs to be acted on WAY more quickly than that.

    General Jack Keane said he understands why there needs to be time to plan but that 7 weeks is not acceptable in circumstances such as this.

  13. The WSJ had a story yesterday (I saw it on Huffpost) stating that the four plaintiffs in the Obamacare lawsuit may have problems with standing. One has residency questions, two are apparently vets and the forth has questions about her income.

    It may be a nothing story but it’s the WSJ, and not Daily Kos putting out this story, and they aren’t a bastion of liberalism, so who knows.

  14. A little too late for a standing problem to be brought up….the court took the case……….sounds like desperate people looking for anything to hold their hopes out on……..which is dumb because IMHO obamacare is going to win.

  15. “A little too late for a standing problem to be brought up….the court took the case”

    ^^My understanding is standing has to be kept up to date so losing standing is possible.

    Unlike in the g*y marriage cases; where the plaintiffs were almost always carefully chosen to be upstanding citizens and standing was scrupulously fact checked; the plaintiffs in the Obamacare case appear to be random people taken off the street who were willing to attach their names to the case. If the WSJ is right, there appears to have been little, if any, fact checking done as to their right to be a plaintiff in the case. We’ll know soon how this plays out.

  16. Can someone explain to me how I can watch the following 2 videos and not come away with the thought that this administration is delusional?

    And, Mr. Earnest, it was September 11th; not September 1st. The idiocy of this admin continues to amaze.

  17. Even NY Mag is saying these Obama, et al are crazy. Obama said what he really wanted to say, his stooges doubled down defending his insulting comment (the terrorist said he killed the people because they were JEWS) and now they have to backtrack BIG TIME! What idiots we have in this administration!

  18. John Stewart says he’s leaving the daily show. I would have said John Oliver would be his natural replacement; but his new HBO show has taken off so I don’t think that he’s in play anymore.

    As for where Stewart will end up I think it’s as a movie director. He’s done the comedy thing and now it’s time to move on. I could also see him pull an Al Franken and enter politics – but that’s a real longshot.

  19. CNN just reported BW suspended 5 months without pay.

    I could see Jason Jones hosting the Daily Show

  20. It’s going to be fascinating to see how the coverage of the person who killed three young Muslims in NC plays out in the media. There’s been talk of treating it as a hate crime but if you read about his actual beliefs he’s a much more complicated personality.

    Apparently he is an anti-theist (a form of atheism) and has a range of social views. His social media say he’s opposed to all religions, is pro g*y marriage, very pro gun and anti gun control, more liberal political than conservative and dislikes the far right.

    Supposedly this crime involves a dispute about parking and in the end that, and the perpetrators mental state, may be the may be most important factors in the incident.

  21. Greta has no interest in the NC Shooting. The show so far has been, 1st block ISIS, 2nd block ISIS, 3rd block Obama bashing from Carl Rove. 4th block up next is Obama bashing from John Bolton.

    Erin just did the NC Shooting story.

  22. Greta is doing the NC Shooting story in the 5th show block with her legal panel.

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