Nothing Story Of The Day…

The Wraps Jordan Chariton wastes space writing up a perceived Washington D.C. conflict of interest story for CNN…

Responding to an anonymous email question from a CNN staffer regarding an unnamed D.C. executive who hosted the Obamas — along with other parents of Sidwell Friends School [in D.C.] — in their home for dinner, Zucker said there’s no issue.

“Zucker said no [it’s not a conflict] because he goes to cocktail parties all the time with different parents of his children’s friends,” the insider told TheWrap.

This is a big nothing burger Chariton writes about. Not because it’s not a conflict of interest, because by definition it is. It’s a nothing burger because most of the D.C. based media is conflicted with galas, events, off the record gatherings, holiday parties, and the like. Show me a D.C. based media person of note who doesn’t get sucked in to such things and I’ll show you an outlier. It’s endemic. Doesn’t make it right though. But let’s not single out one person at one network when this type of behavior is rampant in that city.


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