Free for All: 02/19/15

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  1. If you want a good laugh, Peter King on FNC in the 10am ET hour said “There is no islamophobia in this country that’s nonsense”.

    Guess Mr. King and his staff missed when this happened in Texas?

  2. There’s anti everything protests. Do I need to link to radical anti-Catholic or anti-Christian protests? Particularly from SF? Anti-Jewsish sentiment? Anti military? Schools not allowing the military on career day?

    There is no wide spread “islamophobia”. That’s silly. For a country that has lost so much at the hands of Islamists, our people have been extremely tolerant.

  3. ^^ All things considered, that’s pretty mild.

    I think saying “no Islamophobia” is perhaps an overstatement… but “no significant Islamophobia” would correct.

    Heck, the treatment shown there is more or less the same that Republicans have been shown by Code Pink and other groups, sans pie throwing, fake blood, and so on, and that was far more widespread.

  4. Yep; you could pick any group with shared beliefs and pick an instance or ten that prove “fill-in-the-blank phobia”.

  5. Exactly, he should not have said “There is no islamophobia”. He could have said there is a minority and they don’t represent this country.

  6. Props to Andrea Mitchell who just (albeit briefly) asked salam al-marayati about his absurd comments after 9/11 suggesting Israel could have been behind the attacks.

    In response, he just said, following the attacks, we didn’t know who was responsible. Uh, yeah we did. With about 99.9% certainty. The remaining 0.1% doubt was confirmed shortly thereafter. Well, to most people; excluding 9/11 truthers, of course.

    Still, the fact that he recently met with the WH is troubling. And, another example of the double standard with what Dems can get away with.

  7. Why can’t Walker just disagree with the comments so we can move on instead of making this a thing to keep talking about?

  8. I hope Walker continues this strategy. I think it would be a smart move to continue NOT to answer questions that have nothing to do with his potential campaign for President.

    If he were to do as you suggested, ice, the story would become “GOP infighting” or “Walker vs. Guiliani”, etc. It’s a distraction. And a game the media plays well. I wish more Republicans would decline to play the game.

    Remember, in the 2012 campaign, ABC News’ own and former Clinton operative, George Stephanopascrabble invented the war on women™ with some off the wall question about contraceptives.

  9. Joy Reid is out. Wonder if this is just the beginning (more changes to come)? Or a singular event?

  10. savefarris Says:


  11. Just a suggestion for President Obama (and I know you read this blog): It’s not a smart idea to say that Islam has nothing to do with the actions of these Middle East extremists and then follow that by mentioning the terrible things done by Christians or Buddhists or Jews and how we all must be humble in pointing fingers elsewhere.

    Because you’re kind of stepping on your line.

  12. I don’t know how MSNBC can cancel anything while, at the same time, keeping Ronan Farrow’s lowest rated show in MSNBC history on the air.

  13. Shorter: If religion (elements of it), i.e., Islam, is not part of this problem then why mention other religions?

    The strategy makes sense: removing Islam from the extremist’s cause diminishes the cause. But you’re promoting a lie: Islam is part of their motivation.

  14. Reid and Farrow cancelled. News returns to MSNBC from 1-3pm.

  15. wonder what shows would be next? if the rumor of sweeping changes coming is true.

  16. Having a day side schedule of liberal opinion talk shows was not a good plan and I’m glad from 9am to 3pm MSNBC is doing news.

  17. <>

    Scoreboard: Friday, Feb 13
    By Brian Flood on Feb. 17, 2015 – 4:41 PM12 Comments
    MSNBC’s “Now with Alex Wagner” had a rough day on Friday, scoring 15K viewers in the demo at 4pmET, half of the viewers “Ronan Farrow Daily” averaged at 1pmET.

    Ed Show had 28k demo on that day. People love to diss Farrow’s low ratings, but let’s put into the perspective. Ratings for his show were not anymore worse than other MSNBC shows.

  18. I’d bet changes to the 3pm-11pm programming is going to be part II.

  19. “The strategy makes sense: removing Islam from the extremist’s cause diminishes the cause. But you’re promoting a lie: Islam is part of their motivation.”

    Question: if Islam is not part of this problem,why is Obama asking the Muslim nations where this is happening to take action against their own? Obama is not asking them to deal with the trouble making Christians in their countries.

    He’s a fool and the world knows it, but the 50% of the folks in this country saying he is doing a good job are willfully blind. IMO

  20. “News”…who is doing the news? Has it been announced?

  21. “I’d bet changes to the 3pm-11pm programming is going to be part II.”
    Especially wondering if ED’s time will be up at MSNBC soon , and Hayes’s 8PM time is almost up.

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