More O’Reilly…

More O’Reilly

“[Corn] is going to fail, because he’s lying, and I can prove it,” O’Reilly told Deadline. “But that does not mean he’s not going to try … and some will believe him.”

Great Bill. When do you start…trying to “prove it”? So far all I’ve seen is you do is huff and puff, thump your chest, use terminology one would associate with a pending lawsuit (not gonna happen), blame MSNBC for something it had no part of, and generally make a big big stink. When will you start refuting Corn’s piece…allegation by allegation? That’s the only way you’ll make this go away…if you are indeed right.


8 Responses to “More O’Reilly…”

  1. This is a perfect non news story where both sides get what they want. Mother Jones is claiming Billo was in a ‘combat zone’ (the Falkland Islands), and O’Reilly is defending that he was in a ‘war zone’ (Argentina). Both are provable correct.

    Billo is fine with people assuming he was in the Falklands and Corn doesn’t want to explain the difference between a ‘war zone’ and a ‘combat zone’ because it would take away from the sensationalism of his story.

    This is headed for where all these stories play out, the tabloids and especially the cable news nets.

    MSNBC and CNN will go through Billo’s past war story claims with a fine tooth comb, Billo, the FNC crowd, right wing blogs and media, and commenters here and other media sites will whine and scream about unfair attacks from far left liberals and especially MSNBC. Corn, Schulman and Mother Jones will get lots of air time on CNN and MSNBC to defend their claims. Ratings for everyone go up as the ‘scandal’ plays itself out.

    Spud’s right though. There will be no lawsuit because both sides are right. In the end nothing will happen because these nothing to prosecute or defend.

  2. Solid analysis, fritz.

    I don’t expect much truth telling from MSNBC. But, I would hope CNN would attempt to be fair in noting what and who Mother Jones and David Corn are. To pretend that this is a “Brian Williams moment” is absurd.

    Brian Stelter has been an anti-FNC and anti-O’Reilly activist since his days at TV Newser so I don’t have much hope for fairness from him. But, I would imagine most of the journalists over there will give O’Reilly quasi-fair coverage.

  3. “To pretend that this is a “Brian Williams moment” is absurd.”

    ^^Absolutely. Williams was on a show where “trust’ was the key ingredient in what the host did for a living – read the news. O’Reilly is a self promoting buffoon; who no one really cares if what he says is true or not – as long as he bashes liberals and Democrats.

    It’s like comparing Obama to Ted Cruz. One is the POTUS and the other is a self promoting buffoon. The POTUS needs us to trust him because of his position; Cruz needs to constantly promote himself to his fans to stay relevant.

  4. ^ C’mon fritz, that’s silly. That’s an extreme left/blind fox hater rant. You’re better than that.

  5. “C’mon fritz, that’s silly”

    ^^Well lets change Billo to Ed Schultz. Happy?

  6. “I would imagine most of the journalists over there will give O’Reilly quasi-fair coverage.”

    ^^I originally thought this story would play out as a political/media spat between Billo/FNC and Corn/MSNBC but Billo has now drawn a host of veteran and respected CBS reporters and staff, including Bob Shaffer, into the fray.

    By calling them liars and cowards he has brought the story to a whole new level and made it a major media news story that can now have the possibility of ending badly for O’Reilly and FNC.

    What he needs is for someone – anyone – of the CBS reporters and technicians to come to his defense. The problem is, by calling them cowards and liars, he has pretty much burned any goodwill they might have had for him.

    He and his supporters will call this just more Fox News haters doing their worst but Bob Shaffer and the others Billo has attacked aren’t David Corn or ED Schultz. They are respected reporters and have the credibility to make real trouble for O’Reilly and, by extension, FNC. I don’t see how he skates on this ‘scandal’ like he’s done in the past controversies.

  7. ^^Bob Shaffer should read Bob Schieffer. Sorry.

  8. Don’t worry about O’Reilly, he doesn’t need integrity, humility or dignity as along as he has the brainwashed cult.

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