MSNBC Dayside Changes…

MSNBC announced a big set of changes to its dayside programming. It cancelled Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid’s shows, repositioning both hosts in new roles. Thomas Roberts will move off Way Too Early back to Dayside where he will anchor a two hour block. An MSNBC spokesperson described the changes:

Today, as part of our larger strategy to grow our news-gathering and content center, MSNBC is announcing new programming changes and investments in its dayside news coverage, that help us become a more nimble and integrated news operation, and better position us to cover big stories and do more in-depth original reporting and interviews.

First, as part of our focus on moving to more news-focused dayside coverage, we are announcing that Thomas Roberts will anchor a new daily two-hour block of news programming from 1-3 pm.

With this move, MSNBC dayside programming will now feature news-focused coverage beginning at 9 am with The Daily Rundown and continuing through 3 pm, which includes news-focused coverage provided by Tamron Hall at 11 am and Andrea Mitchell at 12:00 pm. Roberts, who also anchors a show on Shift, has years of experience anchoring dayside coverage for MSNBC during breaking news coverage. He has also hosted Miss Universe and been a co-host of The View. His new role will begin on March 2nd and Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski will fill in anchoring MSNBC’S Way Too Early until a permanent replacement is named.

Joy Ann Reid will become MSNBC’s national correspondent, and will produce original reporting for all platforms. She will return to her roots, as a multi-platform journalist with a respected and distributed take on the news, and will serve as a regular contributor for MSNBC’s primetime shows, and will become the first dedicated reporter for NowThisNews, which has been partnering with MSNBC to significantly expand production and distribution of video content to reach younger audiences who live and consumer media predominantly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Tumblr and other social platforms.

Ronan Farrow will launch a new series of primetime specials, featuring in-depth interviews with newsmakers, business leaders, artists, athletes, filmmakers, advocates, and elected officials. He will also continue to be a special correspondent featured across MSNBC’s programming. This is a role Ronan has been laying the groundwork for throughout the past year, building on his new-making interviews with Former President Jimmy Carter, Angelina Jolie, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Miley Cyrus, former presidential contender Mitt Romney, Gwen Stefani, and the first television interview with Malala Yousafzai after she won the Nobel Peace Prize. Ronan’s series will also focus on his in-depth reporting from the field, building on his coverage in Kenya examining problems in foreign aid; in Dallas covering the Ebola crisis; in the Midwest looking at terrorist recruitment within the U.S.; and on the US-Mexico border embedding with border patrol agents. He most recently traveled to Paris in January in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and secured the first interview with Jeannette Bougrab, the partner of slain Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier. In addition to his focus on interviews, in his new role, Ronan will continue his partnership with the NBC News Investigative Unit.

Both Joy and Ronan will work closely with The Bridge, MSNBC’s editorial news hub directing coverage for digital and dayside.

Today’s news builds on an announcement MSNBC made yesterday that Tom Colicchio, the award-winning chef, restaurant owner, founder of Crafted Hospitality and TV personality, is joining the network as its first-ever food correspondent for all platforms. Stay tuned for additional updates on how MSNBC’s new strategy is unfolding.


11 Responses to “MSNBC Dayside Changes…”

  1. Not really unexpected news and I doubt it will make much of a difference in the ratings for the shows involved. My guess is Reid will go back to being a pundit/sub-host despite all the happy talk about being a “national correspondent”.

    I hope they let Farrow do what they are saying he’s going to do here – PT specials, long form interviews and documentaries. He’s shown some talent as a reporter and interviewer (see his recent stint in Paris) and little knack as a Dayside host. It was always the wrong forum and timeslot for his talents. I don’t expect his new ‘PT specials’ will get great ratings; but these type of PT specials can be shown repeatedly and therefore are smart programing.

    Thomas Roberts returning to Dayside leaves a hole in the MJ team and who fills that slot will of some interest. Roberts did a good job as a third banana and I think it will be difficult to fill his shoes.

    I seriously doubt either Joe or Mika will ever actually host WTE and it’s far more likely some of the MJ regulars will fill in until a new host is found.

    The fact that their is no replacement named for Roberts on MJ tells me this was a rushed decision that hasn’t been completely thought out.

  2. Thomas Roberts was not on MJ really that often. I am guessing that was because it appeared that the chemistry between Joe & Thomas was really lacking.

  3. “it appeared that the chemistry between Joe & Thomas was really lacking.”

    ^^Joe doesn’t have chemistry with anyone that appears on the show; except maybe the guy who does the soccer reports. 😉

  4. Per the Daily Beast, Chris Hayes will be next to get the axe. The question is, what about Al Sharpton? I would imagine the answer is that NBC doesn’t want Sharpton organizing protests outside NBC headquarters screaming “racist” with catch rhymey chants.

  5. Or NBC could pay Al Sharpton his hush money , like other businesses. I do wonder what other shows would be next to go , maybe Hayes.

  6. Maybe Sharpton could use the hush money to pay his taxes. Win, win!

  7. I love MSNBC. I didn’t watch the news for the two terms of Bush. I just discovered MSNBC channel surfing. I lived in Florida (State of Confusion) & they only showed FOX (Cartoon Network) everywhere. In the airport doctors & hospital waiting rooms and all the seniors and snowbirds loves it. FOX was on even in the military treatment facilities. I love Rachel Maddox, Alex Wagner, Chris Hayes, Ed Schultz & Lawrence O’Donnell. I have my TV on MSNBC all day and DVR the shows. I listen to it in my car. I wish that Ari Melber had his own show & Greg Melvin had his own show. It’s great watching actual journalist give us the information that we need. Joy Reid will be missed as will Karen Finney. I wish that on Friday nights instead of “going to jail” Melissa Harris-Perry & Steve Kornacki’s Saturday shows were on. You can show all the shows in re-runs on the weekend. I love Karen Finney’s show but it should be on at night.

  8. Don’t go CNN on us liberal, left leaning news addicts. I gave up watching Morning Joe as he is infuriating a pompous a$$. I watch the nightly line up each evening – it is the best. My TV stays on MSNBC almost 24/7.

  9. Really? CNN.2? Comcast the corporate masters haven’t realized enough profit, the bottom line. My streaming of TYT will nicely fulfill the need to hear the beauty of truth to power. Bye Bye milk toast commentary, lean forward? how about bend over!

  10. It would be wonderful if they didn’t keep running the prison and caught on camera shows over and over and over, all weekend long… I don’t know who would watch that stuff for hours on end. What a waste of time that could better go to something else.

  11. Thank God. I stoped watching some programming when Chis Hayes came aboard. Then Farrow, Reed. Actually it will be easier to tell you what still watch. Andrea Mitchell, Cycle and Chris Mathews. The rest is just noise. I was especially disappointed when your hosts, in particular Rev Al and his obsession with the movie Selma not getting enough Oscar nominations for African Americans. As a white Creative, I found that just wrong. Besides, it wasn’t one of the best movies and the direction was awful.

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