Free for All: 03/18/15

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  1. It looks like Donald Trump is apparently serious about running for POTUS in 2016, having set up an exploratory committee. I look at him as a cross between Herman Cain and Rudy Giuliani and I expect he will lead the self-promoting and clown car wings of 2016 Republican POTUS hopefuls.

    It’s not news the RNC will be happy to hear as he will be difficult to keep out of debates (at least the early ones) and will give serious candidates heartburn as they try and separate themselves from his crazy pronouncements.

    As for the media and Democrats it’s time to break out the bubbly.

  2. I hope the absence of Carol Costello on CNN this week means they are finally moving someone else to that slot. She is one of the worst anchors out there right now. She clearly thinks she is a commentator, and not an anchor, and her opinions are shallow, foolishly expressed, and incredibly one-sided, even for CNN. In addition, her constant giggling, often at inappropriate times, is really annoying. Many more talented personalities have been demoted or fired by CNN and others, so wonder why they would hang on to her, especially since she seems to be especially blunder prone lately? Of course, Kate Bolduan is not exactly setting the world on fire in her new spot, either….For example, her recent comments/questions about the Oklahoma fraternity issue were really dumb – her guests even called her out on some of them. (Kate, looking appalled and shocked: “Surely the expelled students wouldn’t file a lawsuit against the university. That wouldn’t be very well-received.” Guest: “The last time I checked, ‘not well received’ was not in the constitutional law text book.” Excellent point – even dislikable people have constitutional rights here in the USA, Kate.) And she seems to create an awkward atmosphere with all other co-anchors/hosts. I didn’t think that was her fault on New Day, but now……she’s even awkward with Berman.

  3. ^ Completely agree about Costello. She is truly awful. The whiny voice thing when she gets sad about something (usually when a Republican is speaking) is nails on the chalkboard annoying.

  4. That silly old document, the constitution, really gets in the way some times!

  5. So….Lake & Rogin see some security issues with Hilary’s email system. Those crazy liberals what are we to do with them?

  6. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Pope Francis hears about this story. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

  7. savefarris Says:


  8. savefarris Says:

    3 hours into the Tournament and Obama has already lost an Elite 8 pick.


  9. “3 hours into the Tournament and Obama has already lost an Elite 8 pick.”

    ^^I’m sure Darrell Issa is forming a committee and getting ready to subpoena his bracket research documents as I write this. And I’m only partly joking about that. 🙂

  10. Wow, been gone all day, look at mediaite and I get this:

    and this:

    Good lord. Are there 2 people on the planet more out of touch with reality and perspective than these two?

  11. savefarris Says:

    I don’t get Stewart’s rationale. Is he saying that FNC incited the mob which directly led to Ambassador Steven’s death?

  12. “I don’t get Stewart’s rationale.”

    ^^No surprise there. 🙂

    “Is he saying that FNC incited the mob which directly led to Ambassador Steven’s death?”

    ^^No he’s criticizing rampant FNC’s hierocracy for demanding apologies from others for things they do all the time. Benghazi is just the most obvious recent example.

  13. savefarris Says:

    But why should FNC apologize for their Benghazi coverage?

    FNC’s complaint against CNN’s Ferguson coverage is that it incited violence that led to the cop shooting. It is beyond impossible to blame the Benghazi violence on FNC. Ergo, FNC has nothing to apologize for.

    If FNC was demanding CNN apologize for their Malaysian coverage, the comparison would be apt. But not Ferguson.

  14. Stewart is incapable of criticizing anything without dragging FNC into it. Just like every other Fox hater you know. The media coverage of Ferguson led directly to violence and murder.

  15. savefarris Says:

    Liberal Media loves Ted Cruz – Volume XVIII:

    Remember a couple of weeks back when WaPo’s Pinocchio squad found that Ted Cruz said something accurate but refused to give him credit because … reasons?

    Anyway, Politifact says “Oh yeah? Well check this s**t out!”:

    Cruz does have a point: There’s been little global temperature change since 1998, and the temperatures measured are lower than what many computer models had predicted.

    They then go on to evaluate something he didn’t say and, surprise!, found that what he didn’t say was ‘Mostly False’.

  16. Ted Cruz could say the earth is round and Politifact would find something wrong that statement.

  17. “This is a pretty devastating video put together by the MRC.”

    ^^Stop the presses!!! Right wing media watch dog group discovers that Michael Brown witnesses “hands don’t shoot” claims are a myth.

    In other breaking news Senator Inhofe found snow in DC, says it’s cold up north in winter so climate change can’t be happening!!! 🙂

  18. Yeman is one of our success stories! So says Obama and gang!
    I am guessing the newly 137 dead plus 345 injured are guessing, not so much.

    And of course, the only countries with a presence in Yeman now are Russia, China and Iran. So yeah, we are celebrating a rousing success!

    Success is not defined like that in any dictionary I use.

  19. savefarris Says:

    fritz, t’wasn’t the MRC that ‘discovered’ that but Obama’s very own DOJ.

    But I see what you did there.

  20. MRC put together a devastating compilation of liberal media hacks pushing a false & dangerous narrative. The footage was out there. Everyone knows what the media did. But, MRC put it together. Media Matters could have put it together if media mattered, to them. But, they didn’t. So, I credited MRC. 🙂

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