Free for All: 04/06/15

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  1. savefarris Says:

    Democrat Front Group: “Mike Pence is not Jesus”
    Politifact: Mostly True

    I think they’re burying the lede. “Mostly”?

  2. Go Badgers!

  3. Sadness in Wisconsin this morning. But, up early to go work at the polls this morning!

  4. I like Duke but was rooting for your Badgers last night, Pam. At least it was a really good game.

  5. savefarris Says:

    Obama claimed this morning that Malia’s asthma attack when she was 4 was caused by Global Warming and that’s why he’s so gung-ho on the subject. Unfortunately, the interview was too dumb/in the tank to ask any of these follow ups:

    * Malia hasn’t had any attacks since even though GW scientists claim the problem has gotten progressively worse of the the last decade. If Malia’s asthma was global warming related, how come she hasn’t had any other incidents?
    * Asthma rates plateaued in the mid 1990s. If global warming is getting worse, shouldn’t rates be increasing, not remaining relatively stagnant?
    * The President cites particulates from increased wildfires as a particular cause. Then isn’t the problem not global warming, but increased forestation? Was it a mistake for global warmers to have stopped loggers in the name of endangered species protection?
    * Which is the more likely cause of Malia’s asthma attack: global warming or your smoking habit?

  6. “Obama claimed this morning that Malia’s asthma attack when she was 4 was caused by Global Warming”

    ^^He actually never said that. He was using Malia’s asthma attack as an personal example of the kinds of medical problems that can be caused by climate change derived pollution. It was an allegory or maybe a metaphor but he was definitely not saying there was a direct cause and effect between her illness and climate change. Unfortunately, the your sources for this misinformation are too dumb/in the tank to understand this simple concept.

  7. savefarris Says:

    ^^^ … And we be seeing much more of that if global warmers are to be believed and the “crisis” is getting worse.

    But we’re not. So either the crisis isn’t a crisis or the President is involved in some pretty sketchy cause&effect. Either way…


    In other news, MSNBC says Rand Paul isn’t a combative candidate who wants to set the record straight. He just hates women!

    (Make a note, you “Chuck is a straight shooter” fans…)

  8. “He just hates women!”

    ^^I don’t think he hates women he just shows little respect for them. He’s had a number of interviews with female hosts and reporters lately where, when asked tough questions, he has tried to bully the female reporter or host and looked really sexist in the process.

    He needs to hire media relations and/or anger management experts quickly to help get his temper under control and teach him how to preform when being interviewed and debating. When your as thin skinned as Paul appears to be these are problems you don’t want to be taking into a debate with a host of POTUS wannabe’s who hate your guts.

  9. ^Oh BS! I have seen him get that testy with make reporters, too! Megyn Kelly put it pretty well when she said to Chuck Todd to “butt out”. And that women can hold their own in interviews and he doesn’t need to stick up for the delicate little flowers from NBC!

    You want to be in the big leagues, act like you’re in the big leagues, Savannah Guthrie and Kelly Evans. Quit whining like babies!

    As far as Mslia’s asthma – MAYBE, JUST MAYBE – her asthma got worse living in a home where her father is a SMOKER! Just a thought!

  10. savefarris Says:

    You’re right fritz: we definitely don’t want a president who a quick temper and a thin skin!

  11. savefarris Says:

    Ran Paul has faced more tough questions in the past 24 hours than Barack Obama has in the past 11 years.

    But no, the media isn’t biased!

  12. savefarris Says:

    Compare and contrast Guthrie’s performance with her Obama interview.

    Night and day. It almost sounds like she’s apologizing for daring to grace his presence and lets him ramble forever.

  13. Wow! Three weak tea ‘but Obama did it too’ replies. You must think volume can make up for the fact none of them have any substance. I must have really hit a nerve with Paul supporters. 🙂

  14. Guthrie’s “interview” was like a 12 YO girl interviewing her favorite band member from One Direction! Pathetic!

  15. How about some parity fritz? Ask tough questions of people from BOTH parties. I could give a sh*t that Rand got asked hard questions but I want the same to gap one to Obama, or Hilary or any democrat!

  16. Yeah, about that whole nuclear deal Barack.

  17. savefarris Says:

    jokes on you, fritz! I’ve always been pretty open about being #TeamJindal, but even a blind man can see the discrepancy in which the way the media (and Guthrie in particular) treat the different parties.

  18. savefarris Says:

    Thanks a lot, Net Neutrality Supporters!

    How about you should only have to pay the new fees if you supported the program?

  19. “but even a blind man can see the discrepancy in which the way the media (and Guthrie in particular) treat the different parties.”

    ^^Well maybe if the blind man is also deaf and a partisan right winger. 😉

    “I’ve always been pretty open about being #TeamJindal,”

    ^^ Sorry for your troubles there farris. 🙂

  20. savefarris Says:

    Huge scoop from Mother Jones and Hardball Regular David Corn:

    Apparently, while Ted Cruz was still a lawyer, he … get this … represented clients!

    Oh, and the absolute shocker: He did not go undefeated in court!!!


    I wonder if Corn is going to do a follow-up comparing Cruz’s record vs. Hillary. Never mind, how silly of me. Those records have LONG since been shredded…

  21. “How about you should only have to pay the new fees if you supported the program?”

    ^^So your preference is to have the government pay for expanding internet service into high cost rural areas rather than internet providers?

    There are no new fees anyway; just Republicans saying how potentially they could be new fees, sometime in the future, if more money is needed to expand internet infrastructure in hard to serve rural areas. These fees now come from long distance service the use of which is declining as more people use email and text. They need a new source to replace the long distance fee and charging internet users (rather than long distance users) for expanding the internet seems like a pretty good idea to me.

    The one thing most experts agree on is that the cost of internet service is going up no matter what happens to net neutrality.

    Try reading the article and not just the headline.

  22. “rather than internet providers?”

    ^^Should read > ‘rather than internet users’ Sorry.

  23. savefarris Says:

    The MSM has decided Rand’s turn is up, and Ted Cruz is once again the Emmanuel Goldstein of the day.

    They’re now fact-checking Cruz’s jokes.

  24. “They’re now fact-checking Cruz’s jokes”

    ^^He got caught out in a flat out lie so he tries to say it’s a joke. Now that’s funny.

  25. savefarris Says:

    ^^^ The VERY NEXT WORDS OUT OF HIS MOUTH were “Now, I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek…” Sounds he was saying it was a joke at the time, and that it was a joke now. Only the reporter thinks it’s for reals.

    And since we’re comparing and contrasting, President Obama overestimated Iran’s defense budget by a similar amount. Not during a joke, but during the SOTU.

    You’ll never guess how Politifact ruled…

  26. Young un’s don’t have a clue what “tongue in cheek” means. So… because Cruz used that phrase and someone didn’t have a clue what it meant he will be branded as bring too old school or some such stupid thing.

  27. savefarris Says:

    It’s almost as if David Corn is counting on the fact that no one is going to bother researching his s*** for 3 seconds:

    So Corn is out today with an expose that Ted Cruz is a hypocrite because he faithfully represented his clients as a lawyer to the best of his abilities.

    Say … what was Mr. Corn doing 2 weeks ago?

  28. savefarris Says:

    In a way, I’m kinda looking forward to the Hillary campaign:

  29. Rand Paul walked out of an interview with a (male) reporter from ‘The Guardian’ when a simple question seemed to displease him.

    If Paul wants to be taken seriously as a POTUS candidate; he better learn to control his ego and anger; because this irritation of his with answering legitimate questions from the MSM is getting old and starting to leave the impression that Paul is a lightweight and not ready for PT.

  30. savefarris Says:

    You shouldn’t give off so much flop sweat when trying to start a meme. It signals that we shouldn’t believe you.

    … And we don’t.

  31. Any guesses on who will get the first Hillary interview after she officially announces?

  32. savefarris Says:

    Any guesses on who will get the first Hillary interview after she officially announces?

    NBC re-hires Chelsea?

  33. Fritz: are you always this gullible? My goodness, do a little research instead of believing 1 source.

  34. savefarris Says:

    Just in case you still think the Media isn’t biased, we have CNN interviewing Anthony Weiner(!) acting as a political analyst(!!) on a news story where his wife is an active participant(!!!).

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