Free for All: 04/20/15

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  1. I’m on the fence on what I am about to opine. But let me throw this out there anyway.

    There have been several news stories in the last year that seemingly have little or nothing to do with politics — yet for whatever the reason Fox News, conservative bloggers and others on the right seem to take the opposite approach and support those being criticized by the MSM. Sometimes they even act offended that the three people I listed below are being criticized. Go figure.

    To wit:
    Bill Cosby (who once or twice criticized the behavior of inner-city blacks)
    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (whose wife once worked at FNC)
    Britt McHenry (who may have done ‘photo ops’ for Sarah Palin’s campaign)

    Not sure why, unless they are simply drawn to the opportunity to oppose the ‘evil’ MSM.

  2. I don’t think Howard Kurtz or Megyn Kelly (who said, “What a charmer”) fall into the category of defending Britt McHenry.

    But I was perplexed to hear Dana Perino suggest surprise at her suspension — even though this doesn’t necessarily qualify as defending her. I’ve heard that Mary Katharine Ham and Kimberly Guilfoyle expressed similar sentiments to Ms. Perino’s. [smh]

    Then there was the always unpredictable Brian Kilmeade who some might argue was more interested in trashing the towing company — which elicited a mild rebuke from Megyn — than he was in criticizing Britt. I also thought he put too much emphasis on what the attendant may have said — like this really should make any difference on whether she was suspended.

    I get where he’s coming from. I just side with Megyn on this one.

    Back to Howie for a moment. I thought initially he was less outraged (like some others on FNC including BOR) than most — particularly from the center and left — about the allegations regarding horn dog Bill Cosby. After some twitter feedback he seemed to come around, finally conceding that you cannot overlook the number of women that have come forward.

    He also self-corrected his earlier comment by admitting it was really Sen. Paul who interrupted Ms. Guthrie and not the other way around.

    Finally, there were a number of commenters on blogs like J$P who made my jaw drop at their spirited defense of Roger Goodell in the wake of the Ray Rice mishandling.)

  3. I don’t think McHenry should be fired. She was mean to a tow service employee. Ok, she’s meany poo-poo head. That has nothing to do with her role at ESPN. The media mob mentality is probably what many conservatives oppose. That and the “fire everyone who: a) makes me sad; b)says something I disagree with; c) works for someone I don’t like; d) makes my pee pee hurt – mentality of many on the left.

    Roger Goodell – he’s done more to clean up football and dole out penalties in his tenure than the other NFL commish’s combined. No one said anything when the original Ray Rice suspension was doled out. Then suddenly the mob mentality takes hold and everybody feigns outrage. Liberals hate him because he’s powerful. Liberals always want to see powerful people taken down. It makes them feel better about their lives, I suppose.

  4. “Liberals always want to see powerful people taken down.”

    “I’m sure Hillary and Obama would be surprised to hear that. but then conservatives would never ‘want to see powerful people taken down’.”

    “It makes them feel better about their lives, I suppose.”

    ^^Yeah, I guess conservatives don’t have lives to feel better about. 🙂

  5. Van Jones could give a sh*t about the children that truly bear the brunt of these idiotic teachers! He just cares about the union supporting teachers. The judge gave these goofball teachers the opportunity to get only community service, but they had to allocute to what they did. They wouldn’t do that, so off to jail they go. No sympathy from me at all.

  6. I just don’t feel better about myself by seeing someone I’ve never met get taken down a notch. It has no bearing on my life. If a day goes by without liberal groups calling for someone to fired, censored or burned alive at the stake, I haven’t seen it.

  7. imnotblue Says:

    This is unbelievable…

    And the fact that we haven’t heard about this more often. Amazing.

  8. That doesn’t exactly get the juices flowing of MSM types, INB. But, no bias.

  9. CNN’s Brook Baldwin has become increasingly terrible. Her mentor must be Carol Costello. Today, she let some crank activist from Baltimore get away, unchallenged, with saying Michael Brown was “murdered”.

    She also showed the video of the cop not shooting the guy attempting “suicide by cop” and opined that he wasn’t shot because he wasn’t black. What does she know about the cop to suggest this? Absolutely nothing. Gawd, she’s truly awful.

  10. Trust me INB, we in Wisconsin have heard all of these stories and it is tragic. Thank goodness Eric O’Keefe finally said enough is enough and contacted a lawyer and after many months took a chance on talking under threat of arrest. That’s when the dam broke and we citizens leaned so much. Until that time every bit of leaking was by Democrats to the Democrat leaning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    All of this and citizens still voted for Walker.

  11. savefarris Says:

    Nope, no Media Bias Here!, Volume MCMXXVI:

    Wanna know why things like Rolling Stone happen?
    Wanna know why things like Bridgegate happen?
    Wanna know why things like “white Hispanic” happen?
    Wanna know why things like the Chipotle Chase happen?

    That’s why. Because when news outlets talk about diversity, they don’t mean diversity of thought.

  12. Oh yay. A bunch of idiots protesting in Baltimore. Guy on CNN just said all police officers should be arrested. Of course, no pushback from CNN as CNN has turned into the Al Sharpton wannabe network.

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