Roger Ailes Interview

The Hollywood Reporter’s Marissa Guthrie does a deep dive interview/profile piece on Roger Ailes… (via J$)

Ailes Mouths Off On…

Why Jon Stewart never will be allowed on Fox News

“Under the guise of comedy, he can do anything. He’s figured out a way to win. But you don’t invite a guy like that in-house to pick his ammunition and shoot you with it.”

Skipping this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner

“[In 2009] Obama said, ‘I know you all voted for me except you guys over there at the Fox table.’ And I’m thinking, ‘I finally did something right.’ The media is cheering. I’m the only guy in the room saying, ‘Hold on a minute.’ ”

The return of NBC News chairman Andy Lack

“Andy is a smart guy. He’s going to work on several problems at the same time. That in and of itself will make a difference. He’s got to make the right call on Brian Williams. I’d put Brian back.”

Why he doesn’t watch the hit Fox drama Empire

“It isn’t that I would not watch — I would. But I don’t watch much TV other than the news. I think African-Americans have been hoping for a show that they felt comfortable with, but there must be a bigger audience for it than that because it’s doing so well.”

The Daily Show’s new host, Trevor Noah, and his controversial tweets

“He had a rocky start, and he’s probably learned the first lesson of comedy: Not everything you say is funny.”

The problem with Rachel Maddow and MSNBC

“They have to decide what they are. I don’t think they even view it as television. They view it as a place to express their views, which happen to be all the same view. And so you’ve got one topic and 12 people [with the same opinion], and it’s just boring.”


6 Responses to “Roger Ailes Interview”

  1. He absolutely hit the nail on the head with his MSNBC comments.

  2. Well he agreed with you so I suppose, in your mind, that would be hitting the nail on the head. 🙂

  3. Well, if MSNBC were a rousing success I guess you could say Ailes is full of it, but……results speak. When you are as successful Ailes, fritz, I might actually listen to what you have to say about how to run a cable news station. But, until then, not so much!

  4. Judging by the lack of people watching MSNBC, I’d say he agrees with most. It’s B-O-R-I-N-G. Unless you like hearing (over and over and over) that over half the country is racist woman-haters who just arrived in a time machine from 1807.

  5. Am an avid viewer of MNSBC have been since day one. I prefer their truth and knowledge over all the rest.
    Why Mr Ailes puts down MSNBC as his Fox shows /programs are a sure fire support for the right wing clowns. Whenever a Rightie wants to spread his lies where does he run to? Guess.
    Whst a hypocrite he is.

  6. savefarris Says:

    Unless you like hearing (over and over and over) that over half the country is racist woman-haters who just arrived in a time machine from 1807.

    C’mon lonestar. Isn’t that just a little extreme? I mean, the network would never paint the opposition with that broad a brush.

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