Free for All: 04/22/15

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14 Responses to “Free for All: 04/22/15”

  1. savefarris Says:

    WaPo Fact Checker once again finds that even though Republicans are telling the truth, we’re going to evaluate something they DIDN’T say since that’s the only way we can give them pinnochios.

  2. Toure Neblett, Joy Ann Reid, Al Sharpton and Melissa Harris Perry. What do they all have in common? Well, other than being race agitators…failure to pay their own taxes while calling for tax increases on everybody else.

    Oh, but Megyn Kelly wore a purple shirt with no sleeves, yesterday. Outrage!

  3. savefarris Says:

    And here’s all the times where MSNBC’s tax cheats demanded everyone else pay their taxes.

  4. Let’s face it: the whole tax thing for the folks at MSNBC is do as I say, don’t worry about what I do.

    This could also apply to liberals who fly in private planes, get driven around in big suburbans, have guards with guns, BUT, you little people have to fly in crowded planes, drive electric cars and give up your guns because THAT will make our country/world a better place!

    Hypocrisy, thy name is liberal.

  5. savefarris Says:

    District Attorney’s aren’t Biased, Volume I

    David Gregory asked the DC police for permissions to display a high-capacity magazine. He was denied. He did it anyway. The DC police investigated and referred it to the DC DA for prosecution.

    They declined.

    Ken Buck asked the Capital Police and DC police for permission to bring an unloaded, disabled AR-15 to Capital Hill. They allowed it. Buck followed all laws and protocols.

    The DC DA still ordered the DCP to investigate and charge.

  6. After Fox News’ Dana Perino expressed surprise at Britt McHenry’s suspension along with Brian Kilmeade and Joe Concha indirectly defending McHenry by inordinate focusing on the tow company I posted comments here and on Mediaite.

    I suggested that conservative commenters, bloggers and FNC types surprisingly seem to come to the defense of some high profile people getting negative press (at the time) like Bill Cosby and Roger Goodell. This despite the overwhelming majority of people taking the opposite view. Cosby had so many accusers and the general consensus was that Commissioner Goodell totally mishandled the Ray Rice fiasco.

    For the life of me I could not understand this small contingent of outliers (e.g., Kurtz and O’Reilly) defending these folks.

    Now we have another example. Scandal-plagued Dr. Oz was defended this morning on Fox & Friends by Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson.

    At first I was puzzled by the need to defend those with celebrity, money and/or power. Now I just find it amusing.

  7. savefarris Says:

    Dr. Oz can go to h*ll and he can take Dr. Phil and Dr. Laura with him!

  8. I don’t know many defending Cosby. But, in general, conservatives, like me, don’t jump on the “fire everybody because it will make me feel good” bandwagon. Go back to shortly after 9/11 when Bill Maher made some stupid/controversial remarks about the hijackers – and was subsequently defended by Sean Hannity and other conservatives.

  9. i don’t watch Dr. Oz so I couldn’t care less what products he hawks. I have no desire to see him removed from his position outside of television. History is full of eras. We’re currently in the middle of the butt-hurt era.

  10. Speaking of butt-hurt, just came across this:

    “microagressions” – I’m amazed at the insane things liberals constantly come up with.

  11. “But, in general, conservatives, like me, don’t jump on the ‘fire everybody because it will make me feel good’ bandwagon.”

    I am sure many conservatives share your view. But I am glad you qualified your comment with “in general.”

    Because there have been instances where some on Fox News were more than eager to jump on the bandwagon to “fire (or suspend) everybody (or somebody) because it might make them feel good.”

    For example, Alec Baldwin, Carol Costello, Martin Bashir and Melissa Harris-Perry’s inappropriate comments caused some Fox News regulars heads to explode. 🙂

    (In fairness, some on the left were outraged as well.)

    People like O’Reilly and Kurtz who initially defended Bill Cosby because the “accusers were from 20-30 years ago” were all to eager to jump on that same “bandwagon” you mentioned when it came to some of the aforementioned names, because they were all perceived (or their cable channels were perceived) as not sharing their political views.

    No biggie LS.

    As I commented earlier, most of this only elicits mild amusement now.

  12. Well, there’s a big difference between firing and suspending. The latest kerfuffle, for example, with the girl from ESPN…I’m fine with her suspension but don’t think she should be fired. And, I know nothing about her. Don’t know her politics and have never seen her on ESPN.

    Sure, when someone like Costello says something as outrageous as she did, it’s going to get covered. And, it shouldn’t just be a story on Fox News…though that’s the way it usually happens because the MSM doesn’t really care when liberals stay stupid stuff. But, pointing out how incredibly stupid something Costello said does not equal all conservatives demanding her be fired. Liberals are far more likely to demand firings and censorship.

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