Free for All: 04/28/15

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  1. FNC needs to have someone else, anyone else, do breaking news coverage. Hannity is awful and ruins the credibility of the network and the reporters on the ground during actual news. Shep made a comment about it last night and I was hoping Shep would be back tonight at 11.

  2. My buddy is Sergeant and works with the CSI here. Last night a black dude went into Wal-Mart, grabbed a survival knife off the shelf, opened it, and stabbed a female police officer 17 times while yelling that he hates cops. Last I checked, CNN and MSNBC aren’t crying crocodile tears over the incident.

  3. I watched all 3 news networks tonight….while I cant stand Hannity….he didn’t seem any worse than what MSNBC or CNN had……..none of them has ST8 news reporters hosting.

    Personally I woud like ONLY ST8 news reporters hosting these events…….my guess Shep didn’t want to do another night……MSNBC doesn’t have a ST8 reporter who seems to work nights and CNN won the demo last night….no way they were going to change…..and since Fox lost the overall demo last night maybe having Shep on all night didn’t work for them and they trying something different.

    Frankly I saw very little ST8 news reporting on any of the networks.

    CNN seemed to be the best but I saw them allow a lot of misinformation on the air that wasn’t challenged even though they had to know it was BS. The worst I saw was RM and LO on MSNBC.

  4. savefarris Says:

    Congratulations Blue, you found the ONE story on it in the entire Media.

    Note “Media”, not “MSM”.

    CNN: Radio Silence
    MSNBC: Nada
    USAT: Zippo
    NPR: No PR
    White House: Crickets
    NYT: Huh?
    Reuters: Wha?

  5. imnotblue Says:

    Local news to the rescue… and nothing from the nationals.

    It’s shameful, but not surprising, that those in the MSM aren’t paying attention.

  6. You two are idiots. A major American city has been closed down because of massive rioting and thousands of people are dead in an Earthquake in Nepal and you expect the media to cover a local crime story in Houston. And I noticed you guys didn’t call out Fox News for not running that story either.

  7. imnotblue Says:

    Ouch. Name calling. That stings.

    The issue with this story is that it’s connected to Baltimore. There is a sentiment being pushed that the police are out to “get you.” This attack is an example of that, and not the first we’ve seen.

    Isn’t that a point worth covering?

  8. savefarris Says:

    you expect the media to cover a local crime story in Houston.

    They covered a local crime story in Ferguson.
    They covered a local crime story in Manhattan.
    They covered a local crime story in Baltimore.
    They covered a local crime story in Central Florida.
    They covered a local crime story in South Carolina.
    They covered a local crime story in Tulsa.

    It seems as if the National MSM has no problem covering local crime stories … unless it’s in Philly. (Kermit Gosnell.)

    Care to speculate as to why?

  9. Remember AJAM? It’s the cable news network you couldn’t see if you wanted to even in many parts of the NY media market. Earlier this month, NY Post reported that after burning through cash for a while, the staff layoffs and reshuffles have begun. An anonymous source told the Post, “People are considering legal counsel…good people came here and were lied to.”

    Cue the lawsuits. Mathew Luke was fired for what he says was retaliation and he is suing for $15 mil. The suit alleges that Osman Mahmud (a longtime friend of Al Jazeera Media Network Acting Director General Mostefa Souag has quickly risen through the ranks and:

    >> “As an employee at AJAM, Mr. Mahmud’s discriminatory conduct included, but was not limited to, removing female employees from projects to which they had been previously assigned by other management level employees, excluding women from emails and meetings relevant to their assignments, and making discriminatory, anti-Semitic and anti-American remarks such as “whoever supports Israel should die a fiery death in hell.”

    Souag denies the allegations, calling them “a pack of lies.”

    NY Post:


  10. Thanks for the link. I tried to find one when I posted yesterday but couldn’t. My relay of the story was off of my memory of a 1st hand account. Anyway, I’m close with quite a few HPD officers and the stories they relay are absolutely crazy. Not much makes the media. The sh!t they deal with, especially in the high crime areas is insane. Then, they’re portrayed by the jackinapes on CNN as racist cavemen.

    Last week, my buddy worked a scene where a black dude walked up to an Asian lady and shot her 3 times, point blank, in the head. Execution style. Just to take her purse. He then walked up to a 2nd Asian lady put the gun to her and demanded her keys. He let her live for whatever reason but took her car. These aren’t isolated incidents. They’re regular occurrences. There are evil evil people out there. And, the police assigned to the inner city Baltimore’s of the world have to deal with them, daily. But, these thugs are portrayed as innocent victims while the police are portrayed (by the media & the POTUS) as evil.

    The media and the POTUS can go **** themselves. Or, get out there and risk their lives with the boys in blue.

  11. A perfunctory search about the Texas stabbing incident shows that local affiliates are covering the story, and there is an article about it on the Houston Chronicle. And before people cry double standards, remember the national outlets did cover the two NY cops who were shot and killed in their patrol cars a few months back. That’s not excuse them. They should address the Texas case in context since the man apparently made statements about Baltimore. But it’s not some liberal MSM conspiracy. If they’re guilty of something, it’s of being lazy and replaying Baltimore till it burns in the TVs.

    On a related subject, the “reporters” on the ground in Baltimore have been even more awful than usual. Don Lemon has been getting all worked up about it. MSNBC’s coverage lagged before everyone else’s (which seems to happen every time there’s breaking news despite their extensive NBC afils). These agent-managed, grossly-paid opinionators need to STFU and let the news speak for itself.

  12. Not saying there is a conspiracy amongst the media not to cover these types of stories. It’s not a conspiracy when you’re basically open about the fact that you don’t care about these types of stories. Instead, CNN & MSNBC would rather destroy a good person (Officer Wilson) while promoting false narratives about an evil person (Michael Brown). CNN, MSNBC and the others only look through a “cops bad” lens.

    Who seems to appear most on CNN during these types of things…Marc Lamont Hill, Sonny Hostin and Van Jones. And, it says something when the 9/11 truther is the most responsible of the bunch.

  13. So, if the report is correct about the injury to Freddy Gray matching a bolt in the back of the paddywagon combined with the other prisoner saying it sounded like Freddy Gray was trying to injure himself….then we have two straight incidents which resulted in violence and riots where the police did nothing wrong. Yet, the national media jumped to a conclusion based on predetermined narratives and bias. The national media is directly responsible for the rioting in Ferguson which occurred based on the spread of a lie “HandsUpDon’tShoot”. And, it’s looking like the rioting in Baltimore is the result of a lie spread by the same shameful, disgusting media.

  14. savefarris Says:

    Nights like tonight remind me it’s not just the political reporters that are just the worst: it’s the institution of journalism as a whole.

    Exhibit A: Chris Berman’s “grilling” of Roger Goodell.

    The biggest problem, of course, is that ESPN is a business partner of the NFL and has absolutely no interest in killing the golden goose by doggedly digging up negative stories or shining lights on the dark underbellies.

  15. Cnn stayed with tape way after Fox and MSNBC for this shooting.

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