Focus: MSNBC…

In a must read, Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell writes about Andrew Lack and MSNBC…

Mediaite has learned that Lack is now beginning to take an active role in the herculean task of trying to right that left-leaning ship: Specifically, Lack is now often attending MSNBC chief Phil Griffin‘s 11:30 a.m. editorial meetings; and, to quote one witness, Lack regularly appears “underwhelmed” with the story pitches.

Even more daunting for the staffs of three struggling MSNBC programs, Lack has requested evidence that their shows remain viable.

A couple of weeks ago, the executive producers of Now with Alex Wagner, The Ed Show, and All In with Chris Hayes were told to prepare “sizzle reels” of the best their programs have to offer. Theoretically, this exercise will help them identify what works best on their respective shows but, in reality, our sources say, any or all of these shows could soon be on the chopping block. The senior staffs of all three programs, we are told, are now concerned that their days are numbered.

I’ll bet. But my eyes really zeroed in on this…

NBC insiders tell Mediaite that while Lack likes Griffin personally, he has serious questions about Griffin’s ability to effectively run a big cable network like MSNBC. And, so far, we hear, nothing Lack has seen has changed that impression.

Shots fired! Start the countdown clock on Phil Griffin!

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This report on MSNBC – … – isn’t exclusive. I had it in mid-March

Uh…no you didn’t Dylan. Not even close. Oh sure back in March you wrote that everything is in play which is the theme Kirell’s article used as a headline. But the nuts and bolts of his article goes into specifics with behind the scenes tittle tattle that your March piece never mentions.

So instead of whining go pound your sources at 30 Rock. According to your Twitter feed today you have nothing else to do

folks: if you work for a media co., chances are you’re sitting on some good gossip…please get in touch, the day is slow:


7 Responses to “Focus: MSNBC…”

  1. As long as Sharpton is still on air, I wouldn’t be caught dead watching MSNBC.

  2. gatxer Says:

    Last time I checked the 12th lockup repeat sat night has more demo viewers than any other show on MSNBC……I expect huge changes by Comcast. I doubt that we will see many shows survive whats coming.

  3. fritz3 Says:

    Everybody says there needs to be ‘big changes’ at MSNBC but no one explains what that actually means. Do you change out the lowest ratings hosts for new ones? That’s what happened with Thomas Roberts replacing Farrow and Reid but the shows content is pretty much the same and I don’t think Robert’s ratings are up considerably.

    Replacing, Wagner, Hayes and Schultz may be a change but what new hosts are going to instantly make those hours must watch ones on cable news. None (that will work at MSNBC) come to mind.

    Maybe you can replace Chris Hayes with Brian Williams doing a talk show? That would solve two problems at once, but somehow I don’t see that happening either.

    The big change that will get more viewers is too follow the CNN model and just get out of cable news and turn to even more reality shows and documentaries; but I just don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon.

    I’m a MSNBC viewer but I’m not interested in wall to wall coverage of every cop killing an unarmed person incident that occurs in the US. I’ve been watching less and less cable news lately and at the moment Maddow and Kornacki are the only hosts that I never miss. Mitchell, LOD and Hayes are usually watchable but the rest are deep background noise at best. And I’m still pissed Chuck Todd left his must watch (for me) program to host a weekend show that’s pretty much a waste of his talents and my time.

  4. savefarris Says:

    Maybe they should stop blaming the r*pe victim:

  5. fritz3 Says:

    “Maybe they should stop blaming the r*pe victim:”

    Geller was r*ped?

  6. gatxer Says:

    Well Fritz I didn’t make suggestions because frankly I just don’t know what they can do.

    When the 23 repeat of a show about jail get better demo number than you entire prime time…..YES its time to make major changes unless you want to be the last place network.

    I cant believe Comcast will put up with it like NBC has for this long…….hell on regular TV how many shows get cancelled after just 2 shows because of low ratings.

    At one time……..almost all I watched was MSNBC from @4pm to 8pm every night…… its rare.

    I would NEVER turn to them for breaking news………If I watch the 4pm show I’ve pretty much seen the rest of the shows for the night. Its not getting any better. I tired to watch right before Boston and found all three shows just unwatchable for different reason.

    I am MSNBC target audience…….I might not be a kool aid drinker but Im a pretty reliable Democrat voter and it seems that’s the kind of viewer the are looking for and I cant do 15 min anymore.

    What could they do to get me back? Bring back a Phil Donahue type show..him if the could get him…….bring back hardball to pre 2008……..stop having the same shows for hours with just different hosts………stop having shows were everybody agrees with the hosts and stop making it feel like I’m watching a DNC paid commercial all day…….I may agree with what it says but you can only take so much.

    What they have now is NOT working……whats that saying about do what doesn’t work over and over?

    In the end Comcast will do what it does……..if the want viewers to the shows changes will be made……hell maybe they don’t care. Unlike some I wont try to tell them on twitter how to program…… with all the news networks when the put on some good shows I will watch…..if not I wont. Howsoever I wont watch and complain all day.

  7. I don’t think changing hosts would bring in ratings. April’15 dayside ratings were down double digit from April last year when now canceled shows were on air. MSNBC’s rating slide was driven by incompetent producers, lazy editorial choices and tainted brand.

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