Free for All: 05/05/15

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4 Responses to “Free for All: 05/05/15”

  1. Whew! I’m certainly relieved to hear that Governor Abbott, Senator Cruz and other Republican politicos will be closely monitoring and investigating the upcoming US military exercises in Texas to make sure it’s not just a cover for the US armed forces declaring martial law in Texas in an attempted take over of the state by the US government. 🙂

  2. savefarris Says:

    Well, somebody needs to monitor them. If not for the safety of the general public, then for the safety of TX’s prostitute population!

  3. fritz3 Says:

    “Well, somebody needs to monitor them. If not for the safety of the general public, then for the safety of TX’s prostitute population!”

    ^^Ahh yes! Lets just say our brave American soldiers are more interested in visiting brothels than defending the USA. Nice one farris. 🙂

  4. savefarris Says:

    A real-life JournoLism story in 2015:

    The State Department said Monday it has no evidence that any actions taken by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton when she was secretary of state were influenced by donations to the Clinton Foundation or former President Bill Clinton’s speaking fees.

    Spokesman Jeff Rathke said the department received requests to review potential conflicts primarily for proposed speech hosts or consulting deals for Bill Clinton and found no conflicts.

    Rathke said, however, that the department welcomes new commitments from the Clinton Foundation to disclose its donors and to support additional efforts that ensure all of those donations are public.

    So … we have no idea who donated to the Clinton Foundation, but we guarantee those donors didn’t receive any preferential treatment!!!

    Side note: the article was co-written by Matt Lee, a budding hero on the right for his all-too-easy takedowns of State Spokesperson Jen Psaki. As we see, even though Matt plays tough guy for the camera, he can still write an article in a Dem-friendly way.

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