Andrea Mitchell Profile

Politico’s Hadas Gold profiles Andrea Mitchell…

Mitchell, 68, is back on the trail, acting more like a cub reporter hungry for her first scoop than a star television journalist with her own show or a Washington insider married to former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. She’s one of the most senior reporters covering the race, and one of the most aggressive, calling Clinton out, chasing her down, asking her questions — and occasionally getting a roundabout answer. Some sources suggest she’s getting under the Clinton camp’s skin, a rope-line irritant constantly shouting after the former secretary of state to answer questions. For Mitchell, it’s second nature.

“Sometimes people use the term ‘aggressive’ pejoratively. It is not anything to apologize for. I love to go after stories. I’m passionate about whatever I’m covering. I’m competitive, and I think nothing could be more important than getting under the surface of a political campaign, especially one this important, this historic,” Mitchell said in an interview.

As for constantly asking Clinton questions on the trail, even when she knows the Democratic front-runner is unlikely to answer, she explains: “It’s wanting to tell a story that’s more thorough and complex than a stage-managed event that the candidate is giving you, whether it’s Ronald Reagan, Hillary Clinton or George W. Bush.”

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