FBN Finally Goes Head to Head with CNBC in the Mornings…

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens reports that FBN will be making a number of changes. The biggest one for me, the one that has bugged me for the past six years, is the network will finally be going toe to toe with CNBC in the mornings instead of continuing the pattern of nonsensical counterprogramming with something similar to Imus in the Morning.

TVNewser has learned exclusively that Maria Bartiromo‘s show will now air from 6am-9amET, followed by Stuart Varney anchoring from 9am-Noon. Neil Cavuto is moving from prime time and will host a new show called Cavuto Coast-to-Coast at NoonET.

Trish Regan, who joined FBN from Bloomberg in March, will anchor the 2pmET hour. TVNewser hears more changes will be announced this afternoon.

Obviously. There will now be a big hole in primetime to fill with Cavuto exiting to the noon hour.

3 Responses to “FBN Finally Goes Head to Head with CNBC in the Mornings…”

  1. Any idea if Connell McShane and Dagen McDowell will be continuing with Imus on the radio-only broadcast? If so does that mean they’re done at FBN?

  2. This isn’t the direction I thought they would go. I was expecting they would move Varney to mornings and keep Bartiromo where she’s at. The Cavuto move is even more of a surprise to me. And why cut back Liz Claman’s and Melissa Francis’ airtime?

  3. icemannyr Says:

    Does this mean Stuart Varney is going to actually do business news 9am-12pm or is half the show still going to be anti liberal politics segments?

    I also wonder how much of Cavuto’s shift is going to be politics vs business news?

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