Fox News Digital Profile…

Capital New York’s Alex Weprin writes about Fox News Digital…

“It is extremely validating to me that a competitor took to the level of panic that they did last week. That is a thing to be proud of for this team,” said Jeff Misenti, Fox News Channel’s chief digital officer, referring to CNN’s complaint to Pew. “Our business isn’t about trying to take on loss-leaders here, our business is about trying to engage the audience. We are not about the bells and whistles, we are about what the audience is looking for, and what they are evolving to.”

According to Pew (which based its data on numbers from ComScore), Fox News Digital brought in 55 million unique vistors in January, with CNN at 64 million, a revised number that was calculated after the network took issue with Pew’s methedology. The Times was practically even with Fox in every category.

“We are looking to make sure we are tagged correctly by these third party measurements like ComScore too,” Misenti added. “We want our audience to be measured accurately, it is a growing audience.”


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