Free for All: 05/13/15

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  1. savefarris Says:

    Another “Cable TV as we know it is DOOOOMED!!” thinkpiece:

  2. “Another “Cable TV as we know it is DOOOOMED!!” thinkpiece:

    ^^A nice summary of Ezra Klein’s and Paul Farhi’s stories about why the cable news broadcasting is currently declining on TV and what lies ahead. It’s pretty much what I’ve been saying here for months so nothing in the McArdle/Klein/Farhi stories surprises me.

    All the networks are still making money so it will be some time before we see the last of cable news nets; but wouldn’t surprise me to see CNN and MSNBC get out of the news business eventually. FNC is somewhat different in that their audience is very loyal and less inclined to get their news online. They will likely be around for many years; but in the end cable news (including FNC) is headed the way of the LP/CD – still here but a niche market.

  3. Nothing to see here! No media bias at all!
    And he’s interviewing Republicans like he can be neutral.
    I call total and complete BS!

  4. savefarris Says:

    Just the other week, he held a pretty combative interview with the ‘Clinton Cash’ author.

    Stephy should have led the interview off with “How can you be so sure that Clinton donors are getting favors? I gave them $50,000 and it didn’t get me d#*k!”

  5. ABC says there will be no consequences for this undisclosed donation.

  6. savefarris Says:

    Were you expecting anything different, Wipam?

    ABC is still sitting on ‘Path to 9/11’ and refuses to release it to DVD/Blu/iTunes/Netflix/etc even though EVERYTHING MADE EVER gets released.

  7. savefarris Says:

    Here’s why Steph should be fired/run out on a rail. Or rather, he would be if we didn’t have the most biased media in the universe.

    He only copped to $50K when the story originally broke. Only when someone else did more digging after he apologized for giving the money do we found out he actually gave 75K. So even when apologizing, he lied.

    But hey, it’s not like he gave it to REPUBLICANS or anything…

  8. savefarris Says:

    Since I know spud loves a good web rivalry, let’s use Steph-Gate to throw Dylan Byers under the bus!!!

    A. Dylan was thrown the story by ABC as a form of damage control, knowing that Free Beacon was working on the story. Byers came in with an assist from TeamDisney and stole the scoop without any sort of attribution. Nor did he go back and correct the story after it became known he was served sloppy seconds.

    (Correct the story?!? Why on earth would you have reason to do that!!! uh……………)

    B. Dylan didn’t challenge ABC’s original claim of $50,000, nor did he do any … what’s that word? … investigatory journalism to see if that’s all there was. Turns out it wasn’t. And Byers had to go back and make a stealth correction to the original story to say Steph was 50% more duplicitous than originally reported.

  9. erich500 Says:

    ABC News announced when they hired him that Steph. would just be a liberal commentator put up against Bill Kristol. Fast forward and now he’s a main news anchor.

    It’s not, of course, just the undisclosed donations. It’s the donations PLUS the long term relationship (apparently not ended?) that he’s had with the Clintons. If he had had no previous relationship the donations by themselves would be a minor violation. Combine that previous relationship with the questionable nature of the foundation and the lack of disclosure, add a dash of Mrs. Clinton’s secretive email communications, and ABC’s willingness to just accept an “Oops, sorry” isn’t enough.

  10. But….I am guessing it will be a story gone by the weekend. You should have hears Sam Stein this morning doing the weasly trying to give Steph an out this morning on MJ. Catty Kay was less than verbose on the subject this morning too. Short, clipped sentences like, “do I have to have an opinion on this?”

  11. savefarris Says:

    Foolish Prediction: HRC will make a “surprise” appearance on This Week and give Steph an “exclusive”. Included will be the following exchange:

    Hillary: “George, I know how important the fight against AIDS and deforestation are. Therefore, I am matching your donations with my own money and encourage all of your viewers to contribute. Together, we can solve these issues.

    … To help in these fights, visit The first 100 donors will a personalized email from me.”

  12. savefarris Says:

    Is there anyone employed by ABC who DIDN’T work for the Clintons at some point?

  13. “Sam Stein this morning doing the weasly trying to give Steph an out this morning on MJ.”

    I missed that segment.

    But the segment I found online the entire MJ panel was very tough on GS including video of his pro Hillary bias in a debate with Obama. There were also some rather damaging discussions about his bias during an ABC Republican debate.

    If you don’t like GS (or even if you do – or did) I recommend you spend 13minutes checking it out.

  14. Please ignore. I an testing email notifications for Google+ logons.

  15. Michael T. I watched the whole freaking show. No need to watch your 13 minutes.

  16. Then you must have realized that overall MJ can hardly be accused of (generally speaking) going easy on GS despite your comments about Sam Stein’s ‘out of step’ comments.

    One of the few real advocates for GS continuing to cover the 2016 election including as a debate moderator seems to come from an unexpected source — Hugh Hewitt.

  17. If you know how to read I never accused MJ of anything. I only spoke about Sam & Catty. Please bone up on your reading comprehension.

  18. “If you know how to read I never accused MJ of anything. I only spoke about Sam & Catty. Please bone up on your reading comprehension.”

    You mad bro…er, I mean sis?

    Relax, enjoy yourself. It’s the weekend for god’s sake!

  19. savefarris Says:

    Why is VOX doing this?

    So if anyone ever mentions it, they can say “that’s old news.”

    There’s a reason they dumped it on a Saturday.

  20. savefarris Says:

    For starters, it’s because people like you defended Stephanapolous against earlier claims of bias. YOU were vouching for him and his credibility.

  21. savefarris Says:

    It’s probably because Mika has never actually met George and only knows him based on his TV appearances…

    You knew. You knew all this time. And before today, you said nothing.

  22. As I commented on The Daily Beast and on Twitter, I don’t see how GS keeps his Sunday show.

    Let him do GMA only.

    Perhaps he can bring more energy and be more engaged if he only has one job. He has been criticized for appearing tired from simply taking on too much.

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