Ed Wins…

The Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein writes about Ed Schulz winning the lawsuit filed against him. It’s definitely worth a read…not because Schultz won (though that is news). It’s worth it to watch Rothstein go incredulously apeshit over the verdict…

Judge Beryl Howell, an Obama appointee and donor, clearly played favorites. She had previously heard the case and ruled in favor of Schultz. Queen appealed her judgement — and won. The D.C. Circuit Court sent the case back to Howell’s court for a jury trial. She was unable to hide her contempt about dealing with the case all over again — and it showed.

She seethed. She scolded. For an entire week, she glared and grimaced her way through the trial and behaved in a completely demeaning manner toward the plaintiff and his counsel. Anyone watching the trial could see a stark difference between how she treated the plaintiff’s Catfish Abbott, a country style lawyer, and Schultz’s John Hayes, a corporate, uptight type whose only human moment was announcing that he changes his glasses.


One Response to “Ed Wins…”

  1. bonnieux Says:

    Great news for Mr Ed.

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