FBN’s New Lineup: Your Reactions

Today was the first day of a post Imus era at FBN as well as the debut of new shows and new timeslots. Overall, what did you think of today’s FBN programming?


3 Responses to “FBN’s New Lineup: Your Reactions”

  1. I miss the i-Man already

  2. Grandpa Dave Says:

    So far all I’ve had time for was Cavuto. But that looked good; better than his usual FNC program. There wasn’t as much guest talking shouting over guest. Did see one caption quoting a guest that was very wrong. But that’s another hazard of live TV.

    Business news was slim, confined mostly to the lower third/crawl although that in itself was enough. Not much big financial news today.

    It’s way to early to come up with judgement. Time will tell.

  3. motownman Says:

    Too much Varney and Cavuto. Among the losers are Cheryl Casone, Dagen McDowell, Lori Rothman and Tracy Byrnes. Tracy no longer is listed on the FBN web site.

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