Bill O’Reilly Interview’s Alexandra Steigrad interviews Bill O’Reilly…

At Fox, you guys call everyone else the “mainstream media.” You have the highest ratings on cable news, and you arguably speak to and represent the views of the majority of Americas. Let’s not forget that Fox is not a media start-up. How are you not the mainstream media?

That’s a very good question, Alex. The mainstream media is the establishment. I worked at CBS News and ABC News. I was never able to conform to the way that the national media in Manhattan had presented themselves. I wanted to put my voice into the news. Fox is a maverick organization. It’s a $2 billion company [but] it’s maverick. We are outside the conventional wisdom. There’s a different way of going about things here at Fox News Corp.

Aren’t most media companies classified that way then? How would you classify the digital media companies?

They are all insurgents. They are trying to carve out a niche.

What do you think of the newer digital media companies?

The newer media companies — some of them are good, some of them aren’t. Even Yahoo isn’t a mainstream media company.

Do you ever get your news from the bigger digital players like Yahoo?

Not really. I’m so busy reading and doing my projects and books. I get a summation of what’s around on Fox News and I get it in a folder.

What are some common misconceptions about you? Do you hold any liberal views? Your position on gay marriage has softened over time, yet most people might see you as very conservative.

Anyone who thinks I’m an ultraconservative is just ridiculous. I’m against the death penalty. I’m an environmentalist…


One Response to “Bill O’Reilly Interview”

  1. Nice softball interview for the fans. Some of it is over the top, but then Billo can sound a lot like Donald Trump at times.

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