Press Releases: 06/05/15



MSNBC Teams Up with ONE Archives Foundation and the It Gets Better Project to Produce the 10-Part Series “Fearless: How 10 LGBT Activists Made it Better”

NEW YORK, NY – June 4, 2015 – Today MSNBC announced an original documentary series to run on In honor of LGBT Pride month, “Fearless: How 10 LGBT Activists Made It Better” will feature ten individuals who were trailblazers in the 20thCentury LGBT movement throughout Los Angeles. The series is in collaboration with ONE Archives Foundation and the It Gets Better Project. It debuts today, June 2ndat

The mini documentaries will run on once a week for the next ten weeks. The premiere episode features retired schoolteacher Dr. Virginia Uribe, who founded the first dropout prevention program for LGBT high school students. The following weeks include documentaries on the pioneering Rev. Troy Perry, who began the pro-LGBT Metropolitan Community Church in 1968; and Carolyn Weathers, an outspoken activist in the early gay liberation movement and an instrumental figure in the founding of the Alcohol Center for Women.

This collaboration brings together MSNBC; the ONE Archives Foundation, who is the community-partner of the largest repository of LGBT historical materials in the world; and the It Gets Better Project, an Emmy Award-winning media organization with a substantial worldwide presence on YouTube and social media. “The path of LGBT history in this country is the ultimate ‘it gets better’ story,” said Brett Peters, Director of Communications of the It Gets Better Project. “When youth learn about the remarkable achievements and victories of their LGBT pioneers, they are given a powerful tool that validates their LGBT identity and emboldens them to live authentic lives.”

“The It Gets Better Project has a demonstrated ability to reach and ignite a young audience via television and digital media,” said Chris Freeman, Board Member of the ONE Archives Foundation. “Combining this powerful platform with ONE’s extensive historical resources, and the resources of MSNBC, is an ultimate dream team. We will now be able to bring the remarkable stories of our LGBT pioneers to life in a way that is relevant and impactful to today’s audience.”

“These videos document an incredibly important part of this country’s history,” said Richard Wolffe, Vice President and Executive Editor of “These documentaries offer first-hand insight into some of the LGBT movement’s most crucial activists – pioneers who are not necessarily household names, but whose stories need to be told.”

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